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   Chapter 842 Don't Look Down On Your Enemy

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"Married Men are quite different from others," Kirk said to Zed with a smile. "No one would have guessed that you would get married before I did, to be honest," he continued.

The way he said it had a dash of sadness to it, layered with a lot of other emotions.

"Looking back at our childhood in that big yard, during the times we were still playing and figuring out things in life, I think it's no surprise that I got married at an early age," Zed replied. "To be honest, I have never thought that I would marry so young before. However, once fate takes wheel and ties you with the right person, you wouldn't hesitate to settle down and marry." He shot a smile at Kirk, and proceeded to eat the scrambled eggs on his plate.

"I guess you're right..." Kirk nodded in approval. "I've known you for long," Kirk said and added, "You never wasted a second on something or someone you don't like. Now that you've decided to live the rest of your life with Jean, I'm sure that you'll definitely be happy and content for the days and years to come."

"Kirk, come on. Let's not keep talking about me, please. When do I get a cousin-in-law? When do you plan to marry her? Haven't you thought that maybe you'd let Uncle Simon see you get married? He has always wanted to see you tie the knot. If you get married, you'll make him really happy," Zed said in between bites.

Both his tone and expression were quite serious.

Upon hearing this, Jean's curiosity grew. She turned to look at Kirk, waiting for his answer.

Immediately, Kirk's face turned into a grimace. Zed noticed this, and couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"It's just that I can't take my thoughts away from my father's sickness. But of course I would still want to marry Elizabeth. I want to be happy with her as well, and turn my dreams into a reality as soon as possible. It's just that I'm afraid..."

Kirk trailed off, seemingly to be in great pain. Without a doubt, he had a lot of contradictory feelings, and it was evident on the sad expression on his face.

Zed and Jean glanced at each other. Both had a tacit understanding of Kirk's words. They couldn't help but have a grim look on their faces.

"I'm afraid," Kirk continued, "After I get married and my father's wishes have been granted, he may have nothing to live for anymore. By that time..."

Kirk couldn't finish the thought. His voice croaked at the end, his eyes thick with tears. He let his gaze fall onto his lap and sat in silence.

Meanwhile, Zed and Jean already had a good idea where Kirk was getting at.

Simon was alive and fairly well because of his strong will to live.

On top of that, his illness wasn't as bad as it was supposed to be because of Kirk's undivided attention. Everyone was hopeful that he could live a little longer.

However, once Kirk married, Simon's will to live might lessen, making his condition a lot worse than it was at the moment. Simon may no longer have anything to look forward to, and may feel that his need to live had already depleted.

Situations like that were common in the field of medicine.

Just then, Kirk looked up at Zed and Jean. "But," he started, "if I don't get wed soon, I'm scared that he may never get to see me married at all. You know how sicknesses are unpredictable at times. One day you're at the top of your game, and then next... I really don't know what to do. There's no winning in this situation

verything now?" Jean asked, deep in thought.

"It can't be said that I'm relenting exactly... Uncle Simon and Kirk are the kindest and most soft-hearted. Grandpa has kept Aunt Sara's wrongdoings in the company from them in the hopes to keep them from getting hurt," said Zed patiently. He explained with a frown.

"So, Uncle Simon and Kirk know that you came back to take over Sky International, while they don't know you are going to deal with the misconducts done by Aunt Sara, right?" asked Jean.

She was surprised again by Zed's explanation.

"I am going to discuss about the take-over of Sky International with grandpa." Zed nodded as if to confirm Jean's deductions.

Jean couldn't help sighing quietly in her heart. She could see grandpa's consideration and good will.

She thought to herself, 'It is the best way for both Uncle Simon and Kirk. Granpa considered their situations and did what's good for them.

However, as for Sara...'

Jean suddenly felt quite anxious when she thought of Sara. She didn't know why she had such a strange feeling.

She pondered, 'Maybe it is because she will be the biggest challenge for Zed to face in the coming days. And then I am so anxious and uncomfortable.'

"Don't bother yourself to think about such things," Zed said as he noticed the anxiety and concerns on Jean's face. It was plain on her face that she was deeply concerned. He did his best to try to comfort her. "All you need to do is to rest at home for the sake of our child in your belly. Believe me that I can deal with all those things well, ok?" he said to her in a soft voice.

"I know. My husband is the cleverest man in the world. Of course I believe you. Or else, grandpa wouldn't have made such a long flight to H City himself just in order to take you back here." As Jean said this, she smiled happily and looked at Zed with great pride in her heart.

Highly praised by Jean like this, Zed was quite satisfied. A warm smile soon appeared on his face as well.

"However..." Jean still felt a little puzzled. She stared at Zed and asked with doubt, "Why didn't grandpa ask father to help? Wasn't it too troublesome to ask you back? Or, did grandpa only want you to deal with those matters because of your remarkable ability and excellence?"

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