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   Chapter 841 Could It Be Her

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7307

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Zed unconsciously put his arm around Jean while he was asleep.

Jean felt so comfortable with Zed sleeping next to her that she too immediately fell asleep.

Jean slept well that night.

Jean woke up around dawn but she didn't get up. Instead, she just lay there, still keeping her eyes shut.

She turned when she felt someone staring at her.

"Good morning..." Zed murmured when he saw Jean opening her eyes.

"Are you awake? Why don't you get a little more sleep?" Jean looked up at Zed and asked with concern.

"Get more sleep? We've been sleeping for twelve hours. If we go back to sleep, we'll become fat like pigs," Zed joked.

Jean sensed that Zed was poking fun at her. She blushed and snorted, "Well, I don't care. You're the reason I get fat anyway. If anyone's to blame, it's you."

Zed was surprised to hear Jean retort like that. With an easy smile on his face, he said, "Honey, are you sure?"

"About what?" Jean turned to Zed, looking confused.

"Are you sure you don't mind getting fat? Because if it is then it's fine by me too," Zed teased.

"What are you talking about?" Jean rolled her eyes and turned away to hide her deep red face.

Zed quickly reached out for Jean when he saw her getting a bit mad. He cooed her, "Well, don't be angry now. Doesn't suit you well to have scrunched up eyebrows!"

"Why are you still teasing me then, if you already know that I don't like it?" Jean retorted with an unhappy face.

"It was a joke. I was just kidding. I didn't know you would take it seriously. In fact, I think you're actually too thin. I'd love it if you gained a little weight," Zed said, suddenly serious.

"I've already been eating a lot lately. I don't know why I'm still not putting on any weight," Jean said.

Jean worried about this a lot. She'd been resting well lately and eating well but she still hadn't put on any weight. She also noticed that her stomach wasn't big enough considering how far along she was.

She worried if the baby would come out healthy or not.

She'd already asked Zed before to schedule an appointment for a check up.

But even when the doctor told her that the baby was fine and things were g

suits. When he stepped out of the room, he had Jean's hand in his.

Jean was a little anxious. She'd started feeling this whenever she'd see so many of Zed's family all at the same time.

However, she was surprised to find only Kirk seated at the dining hall when they arrived.

Perhaps they were so late that everyone else had already eaten and left.

Jean felt more comfortable as she followed Zed sit next to Kirk.

"Kirk, good morning," Zed greeted him.

"Morning!" Kirk looked up at them. He nodded Jean to acknowledge her as he sipped from his milk. "Did you sleep well last night?"

"I did! It's been a long time since I last slept like that," Zed responded with a smile. "But it also means that I'm not as good as I used to be. Before even if I didn't sleep for days, I'd still be good to go and I never would have been tired as I was last night."

"That was because you were so worried about Jean. Jean was kidnapped so you were worried about her. That's definitely going to take a toll on your body," Kirk explained.

"That makes sense," Zed realized and added, "I'm at the prime of my life right now. I'm very healthy. How could I have gotten so tired in just one night? But yeah, what you said makes a lot of sense."

Jean kept quiet throughout this conversation—eating her bread as her cheeks flushed.

She thought, 'Do they really think it's okay to talk about me in front of me?

Did they consider what I'd feel?'

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