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   Chapter 836 It's Good To See You Are Safe

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5650

Updated: 2019-07-09 00:13

"Grandpa, dad, Uncle Simon..." Jade greeted everyone when she came in. Jade led her into the house.

"It's good to see Jean is safe... Thank God!" Benjamin relaxed as he watched Jean head inside. A satisfied smile rested on his wrinkled face.

"Grandpa, I'll walk you to your bedroom," Zed said as he walked over to Benjamin.

Benjamin refused by waving his hand. "No need. Your dad can help me. You can go check on Jean. Spend more time with her. Poor girl, that must have been so traumatic so she must be frightened. You should go and take care of her."

Zed nodded and followed Jean to their bedroom.

Just in time, Jade was coming out of the bedroom when he arrived at the doorway.

"Mom," Zed called her softly.

When Jade saw Zed, she drew him aside. "Zed, I think something's wrong with Jean."

"What happened?" Zed asked, startled.

"She acted like she was okay, but when she got in the bedroom, she looked so anxious. I tried to talk to her but it looked like she didn't even hear me. I don't think she's recovered yet from the trauma. What do you think?"

Jade asked, concerned.

"That's possible. Don't worry, mom, I'll go and take care of her," Zed consoled his mother with a firm grasp on her shoulder.

"Okay, you're her husband. You should watch her closely. She needs time to recover after such a horrible experience," Jade advised.

"I will," Zed nodded. He waited for Jade to leave before he entered the bedroom.

Jean was taking a shower in the bathroom as Zed could vaguely see her figure through the window.

He turned around and headed to the balcony.

Zed found a half pack of cigarettes in his pocket. The anxiety made him want to smo

ly's courtyard house in Imperial Capital.

She had been kidnapped last night.

Jean started to become anxious again so she got out of bed hurriedly. She then realized that she was only wearing a bathrobe.

A bit embarrassed, she grabbed a fresh set of clothes to change in before going out.

How long had she slept?

Zed wasn't home. Did he go and take care of the Four Despots himself?

Jean grew more anxious at this thought.

She quickly opened the door, only to find Zed standing beside it. He looked concerned. "Did you just wake up?"

"Yeah." Jean wasn't in the mood to talk to him after he wouldn't listen to her.

But she didn't have time for antics. She needed to save Caleb.

"I need to talk to you," Jean said seriously to him.

"Me too," Zed nodded his head and followed her back to the bedroom.

"What do you want to talk about?" Zed asked.

"What do you want to talk about?" Jean threw the question back to him.

"I wanted to tell you that the Four Despots tried to escape so the police shot all of them dead."

Bang! The sound of the vase falling on the floor enveloped the room.

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