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   Chapter 835 Wait For You To Save Me

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"They were the ones who took you from me! I was worried all night!" Zed said to Jean as he stared at the four men kneeling on the ground. There was no mercy in his eyes. The four of them couldn't help but fear for their lives. If Jean weren't here, Zed probably would have already killed them all.

Jean pitied them. She grab Zed's hands and said with a smile, "Hey! look at me! I am fine! And the baby is fine too!"

Zed glanced at Jean. He frowned and said, "Jean, are you really defending them? Or are you just so moved because they knelt down in front of you? "

Zed saw through her. Jean's face reddened out of embarrassment.

She coughed to cover up the awkwardness and said to Zed, "Anyway..." She paused, trying to think of a way to convince Zed. She then continued, "Still, they weren't unkind or anything. They just didn't really know what they were doing. They let me go at the minute they found out who I was. And they didn't really hurt me."

Zed tried his best to control his anger and hear her out. But the slightest possibility that she could get hurt was enough for him to lose his mind. When he couldn't keep it in anymore, he raised his voice, "Didn't hurt you? Are you kidding me? What about that cut on your neck?" He could hardly control his anger and continued, "Don't tell me you hurt yourself by accident! Jean, they're not worth your mercy. Didn't you think how scared and worried I was the entire time that I couldn't find you?

Can you imagine how angry I was at myself for not watching you close enough? Can you imagine how I felt when we searched for you all night and still couldn't find you? It killed me! I couldn't believe I had lost you! And I swore to myself that no matter what, I'd make these people pay. I'd make them suffer so bad they wished they were dead. Jean, you're so concerned about them but what about me? Did you think of me? Did you think of what I went through when I thought I lost you? How could I let them go and risk losing you again? I'd do anything to never let that happen again..."

Zed's tears were glittering in his eyes.

His words moved her heart. She looked at him with tears welling up under her eyes.

Cody and Cary had already passed out.

Cliff was already turning pale, but he clenched his jaw and forced himself to deal with it.

Caleb was the only one who was still kneeling upright. He didn't look so good too, but he was in the best condi

t have the heart to talk to Zed. She averted his gaze the whole time. The air was thick with silence.

If it wasn't for her heavy breathing, Zed would have thought she had fallen asleep.

It was obvious that she wasn't asleep.

Her face was twisted—struggle written all over it.

Zed saw this but he didn't say a word.

The only sound that could be heard was the car engine.

It was already 12 noon by the time they arrived at the house.

Jean was safe and the whole family couldn't wait to see her. They were standing by the door waiting for them when they arrived.

Even Benjamin and Simon joined the group anxiously waiting for their arrival.

Jean was taken aback but she recovered quickly.

"Jean!" Jade cried out as soon as she saw Jean. Jade gripped Jean's hands when she saw how pale Jean looked. It broke Jade's heart to see Jean like this. Her voice was shaking when she spoke, "You must have gone through the most terrible things..."

"Mother, it's fine, I'm fine. Look at me, I'm safe," Jean assured her and offered her a faint smile.

Jean felt awful but she knew it wasn't fair to take it out on them. Besides, she knew how much Jade cared about her.

"Come on, let's get inside now and take Jean in for a shower. Jade prepared a feast for you," Sara said, suddenly arriving. She walked towards Jean and gave her a tight embrace.

Jean never really liked Sara but she'd kill for a hot bath right now.

She nodded at Sara and turned to Jade. "Let's go inside."

"Yes, yes, Of course... Let's get inside!" Jade said as she grabbed Jean's hand and led her inside the house.

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