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   Chapter 834 He Is Too Selfish

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5806

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"Cliff..." Caleb cried out, his tone turning anxious. "We have no choice but to trust her. Zed must have tracked us down. It's completely impossible for us to escape now. Why can't we trust her? Maybe there's a chance to turn things around.

After all, she's Zed's wife. If she speaks for us, he might let us go. Even if he won't let us go, as long as we're alive, that's not a bad deal. Cliff, I understand where you're coming from. You think there's no way for us to escape. But, there's a chance. Do you not want to try? If you don't want to think of yourself, at least think of your daughter! Do you want her to grow up without a father?"

"Shut up! Stop it!" Cliff's eyes turned red.

His face began to soften. His first resolute expression was now replaced by pure pain.

Caleb looked at Jean and signaled for her to say something to comfort Cliff.

Jean understood the signal but now her mind was blank and she didn't know what to say.

Caleb had gone such great lengths to save her, so she had to say something at this critical moment.

Otherwise, his efforts would be for nothing.

But what if she promised something that didn't come true? Then she would just be a liar who made empty promises.

Jean was at a loss but when she saw how anxious Caleb looked, she sighed and started speaking slowly, "I know you must have heard a lot of things about Zed. As his wife, I'm not sure how I should respond. I'm innocent in this and I'm sorry that you got involved.

I can't guarantee that you'll be okay, but I can guarantee you that you'll make it out of here alive. I didn't want to help you at first because you attempted to rape me. But Caleb, I knew how much integrity he had and he was just looking out for all of

r dealt with these kinds of people before.

Finally, she looked at Caleb. "Caleb, what are you doing? Do you not trust me? Or are you trying to force my hand? If you don't get up, I won't help you. It's up to you, do whatever you like,"

Jean said, showing a little annoyance.

Caleb looked up at Jean, wearing a complicated look on his face, and kept his head lowered and his mouth shut.

When Caleb didn't budge, Jean felt helpless. She didn't know what to do anymore.

At that moment, they heard footsteps nearing them from outside.

"Keep them there for as long as they live. They deserve it,"

a familiar, angry voice piped in.

Suddenly, the four men trembled in fear.

Jean glanced at them and rushed over to Zed, feeling excited. "Zed, you're finally here!"

Zed grabbed Jean's arm gently. When he saw her pale face and the cut on her neck, he squinted his eyes in anger.

Jean could sense his anger.

"I'm fine," Jean said quickly, wrapping her arms around Zed's waist. "I was scared but I'm fine, really. Zed, listen to me. The man who hired them is called August. These four men were just doing his dirty work for him."

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