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   Chapter 833 Don't be fooled

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7017

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Caleb tried his best to get August's information from Cody so he could get a better chance to save them.

Jean also didn't want anyone to get hurt or worse, get killed.

But the stress this whole kidnapping thing had brought to Zed was undeniable.

Last night a few men merely chased their car and whistled at her and Jesse, yet Zed responded so violently to them.

Kidnapping was worse than that so Jean wasn't sure if she could reason out with Zed.

"I'll try my best..."

Jean said with uncertainty as she looked at Caleb.

"I'd rather die than ask for mercy from this woman." Cliff picked himself up from the floor all of a sudden and grabbed Jean before Caleb noticed.

"Cliff, what are you doing?" Caleb shouted with astonishment.

"I'm not scared to die. So I think I'm going to take her down with me! Ha-ha!" Cliff was maniac, holding a shiny dagger and sticking it against Jean's neck.

"Cliff, listen to me. Don't do this!" All of the calmness dissipated from Caleb. He stared at Jean in a panic.

'I should have been more careful! I thought we would be safe and change the situation when I mentioned her husband.

I didn't expect Cliff to get so mad, ' Caleb thought to himself.

He knew Cliff best.

He always meant what he said and was always straightforward with everything that he did.

He thought he was going to die so he decided to drag Jean down with him.

'How could you hurt his wife?

You're so stupid, Cliff!' thought Caleb.

"Cliff." Cody was shaking as he tried to get up from the ground. He persuaded Cliff, "Don't be stupid! Caleb's trying to plead our way out! Stay calm. Put your dagger away and don't hurt-"

"Cody, I think it's you that's being stupid! Don't you know why the Ferrari exploded last night?" Cliff laughed wildly and continued, "They were just being chased and this woman's husband had the Ferrari explode into a million pieces. Just like that. And Dick? He's still in the police station. This guy is dangerous. He's cruel! And us? We kidnapped his wife. Do you really think he'll let us go?"

Jean was amazed at Cliff's

ant you sound right now? We don't work for you! You can't control us! I know you made a deal with her. You ask us to let her go and she protects you. Am I right? Okay, you're safe but what about us? Do you not care at all? You don't deserve to be called our buddy. If Cody hadn't offered you food and a job, you would have starved to death. Do you still remember that?"

That was when Jean realized why someone like Caleb would surround himself with people like these.

He merely stayed out of respect for what Cody did for him. Jean was glad to know that she was right about Caleb.

He did as he was told because he owed Cody. That was how he stood by his beliefs so he could save the three even if he ended up being misunderstood.

However, the rest weren't so sensitive—they were crass and cruel.

"Why do you think he stays? You know clearly how capable he is," Jean defended Caleb. She stared at Cody and said, "The only reason why he's staying is because he cares for you. He wants to save you. He's trying to find a way for all of you to live. You take that against him and you don't appreciate him at all. If anything, I think you're the ones who are ungrateful."

"Shut up!" This infuriated Cliff even more so he put more pressure on the dagger that was pressed against Jean's neck.

Jean felt the cool blade cut her skin open. She could feel the blood flowing down her neck.

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