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   Chapter 832 Please Let Us Go

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6508

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"Whether I'll kill him or not is totally up to you." Jean stared them down. "If you want him to live, let me go."

"You wish!" Cliff flew into a rage. "You bitch! I would rather die than let you go."

"Let Caleb go now and you'll be safe!"

Cody cried out.

"Do you think I was born yesterday? I'm not stupid," Jean sneered and glared at Cody. "I know you already took the money. If you don't serve me up to them, they'll kill you. You risked your life to take this job and for what? Such little money. Do you think it was worth the trouble?

You're more like the four idiots than the four despots of Imperial Capital. How could you be so stupid? They're playing chicken with your lives. Can't you see that. Use your brains! And you still don't know who I am!"

"You... Who are you?" Cody asked in a panic and frankly, a little scared now.

The scared look on Cody's face confused his other men. "Cody..." Cliff cried, who was a little offended at how Cody easily shrunk in fear.

'Cody's such a coward. How could a woman so easily scare him?' he thought to himself.

"Who am I? You haven't earned the right to ask me that question. I'm warning you. You'd better let me go now or you're going to die a very ugly and painful death." Jean fixed her cold eyes on Cody and went on, "Even if you do serve me up to the man who hired you, I'll be fine. He won't dare kill me. As for you, I'm quite worried. I'm pretty sure he's going to kill you."

"You... Do you... already know who hired us?"

Cody asked in a trembling voice.

"You know how dangerous he can be. He asked you to do his dirty work for him. Do you really think he's going to let you live as evidence of his crime? You didn't think of that, huh? Stupid!"

Jean said in a sarcastic tone.

"I don't think so. He won't..." Cody was scared. Jean looked so strong and powerful next to Cody who looked like a scared cat. He argued, "August is not the type to kill his me

it out. I'm Zed's wife. How did you figure it out?"

"You're not from Imperial Capital based on your accent alone. That was an obvious clue. In Imperial Capital, there are only a handful of people who can get almost all of the police at his whim. That's how I figured it out," Caleb turned back at Jean and replied with a smile.

"It's fun to deal with smart people," Jean spoke, looking at Caleb with a satisfied smile on her face.

'If he hadn't saved me, I would have already been dead.

Even though the reason he saved me in the first place was for himself, he's still my savior.

But Zed...' Jean thought.

Jean was sure that Zed would agree to let Caleb live.

But she wasn't sure if Zed would agree to let Cody, Cary, and Cliff go.

Caleb was smart. He could already tell what was on Jean's mind based on the look on her face alone.

"Excuse me..." Caleb pleaded, "Please, please let us go."

Jean looked up at Caleb in surprise.

Jean could see the sincerity in Caleb's face.

Her heart twisted at the sight.

Jean figured that Caleb cared for his friends deeply. The other three didn't seem to reciprocate it that much, most especially Cliff.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have hurt Caleb just for her sake.

However, Caleb had tried his best to keep them alive.

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