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   Chapter 831 Let Her Kill Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7106

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"You don't have to blame yourself. Why are you still staying here with them even when you have somewhere else to go? As I see it, you don't fit here. You're not like them. Maybe there's another reason that you're still hanging around here?"

Jean asked, looking at Caleb intently.

"No matter what reason it is, it doesn't matter now." Caleb sighed in a remorseful tone. "If I hadn't seen you in person, I wouldn't have known how dangerous this mission was. Cody was encouraged by Cliff. If he wasn't, he would have already decided to get out of the game,"

stated Caleb, his face masked with pain.

"Did you know who I was when you first saw me?" asked Jean suspiciously.

"I didn't know who you were exactly, but the look in your eyes left me a deep impression that you're not an ordinary person. On top of that, because of your disappearance, all the police in Imperial Capital were called on. Only a few people can do that. I have a pretty good idea who you are. But I'm still hoping that I have guessed wrong. If I'm wrong about my deductions, we still have hope to live."

"Have you talked about it with Cody?" asked Jean, looking at him with surprise.

From the answer Caleb gave, Jean could tell he knew who she was.

His cleverness was beyond her expectations.

Zed had left Imperial Capital for five years.

If Caleb had guessed right, he was definitely a genius.

"I don't have a chance to talk to him. Besides, what's done is done. It is no use telling him now." Caleb shook his head as his eyes turned sorrowful.

"Don't be so sad. I've told you if you are willing to cooperate with me, I'll let you and your buddies go," said Jean in a comforting tone. She couldn't bear to see Caleb like this. "But I'm afraid you have already lost your say among your buddies. Making it work would be really difficult."

Jean frowned, feeling pitiful for him.

"Do you want to know from Cody who hired us to kidnap you?" asked Caleb.

Jean was a little surprised but nodded.

"This... I have an idea, but you need to play along with me," Caleb proposed, biting on his lower lip.

"If that's all I

My share of money is still stored in the old place. Cody, take care of yourself when I'm gone. Take Cliff and Cary out of here. Don't ever come back..."

When Caleb said this, his eyes were turning red, burning from the tear that were brimming around his eyes.

A man does not shed tears easily unless he is deeply grieved.

For all the years they had been together, Caleb always kept his composure, especially in a life and death situation like this. He never gave up on himself and his buddies easily.

Cody knew that without Caleb, they wouldn't have been able to live such a wealthy life.

Had it not been for Caleb, all of them would have already been dead from the dangerous missions they had previously.

Just because someone wanted to poach him recently, Cliff and Cary began to distance themselves from him.

They feared that Caleb would leave them. That was why they were in such an awkward situation now.

Caleb was indeed heartbroken, and had completely given up.

Cody knew instantly that Caleb bore no hope of surviving at the hand of this woman.

He did want to die.

His buddies tied him to this woman, and their distrust had gotten him into this situation. He had no say in anything, and now he was giving up.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Cody yelled to Caleb. "We are buddies. How can we leave you? Besides, she's just a woman. She's not bold enough to kill you!"

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