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   Chapter 829 Thank You For Saving Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6593

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Jean didn't think it was appropriate to say these four men were in fact, rogues.

Because at the very least, Caleb was being the kindest of them all. But she didn't know if that was enough to save her.

"Well, we'll save ourselves the trouble. We were hired to kill this woman by such a high price. All we have to do is finish the job and get the money. After that, we can split the money into four parts and don't have to worry about running out of money for the rest of our lives anymore," Cliff said with a rather unhappy face.

Suddenly, he fixed his eyes on Jean. There was a look of excitement on his face again. "You have to die anyway. In that case, let me enjoy the pleasure of sex with you before you die."

After these words, he stretched out his hand and tried to touch Jean.

"If you dare come one step closer, I'll kill myself in front of you!" Jean clenched the scissors in her hand with a deadly look.

Caleb, who was standing beside them, was looking at Jean with a quizzical look on his face.

He thought to himself, 'She looks weak to me but of course, that isn't the whole story. With both her hands and feet tied, she was able to free herself and find a weapon to threaten us with.

In such a dangerous situation, most women would have already been frightened to death or at least begged for mercy and were willing to sacrifice everything just to get a chance to live.

But this woman is different. She's very determined. If Cliff took one step closer to her, no doubt she would pull through on her threat.

In this world, everyone values their lives.

But she would rather kill herself than be raped.'

Caleb had great respect for her courage.

"It's no surprise that her husband was able to hire almost all of the Imperial Capital police to save her.

Her husband must be someone powerful," Caleb said to no one in particular.

Caleb saw Jean's scissors prick her neck open consequently causing blood to flow out. His throa

Cary had a strange look on his face when he saw Caleb smile. He looked back as if to make sure Cody and Cliff were really gone before leaning in to whisper to Caleb, "Caleb, you have to control whatever it is you're feeling for her. The man who hired us made a deal with Cody that we have to bring him the woman tonight,"

Cary ended this with a nod and left.

The warehouse fell into silence.

Caleb had an unfathomable look on his face, feeling a little regretful.

"Well, thanks for saving me,"

Jean said to Caleb. Even though Jean didn't hear what Cary had said to Caleb, she could tell that it was something about her kidnapping based on the look on Caleb's face.

Caleb was surprised to find Jean thanking him. He murmured, "You don't have to thank me. I just didn't want Cliff to do that."

Jean rolled her eyes at him and then began to study him.

Obviously, Caleb looked much more agreeable and gentler than the other three men.

More importantly, he was the smartest one among the four.

After she had a plan in her heart, Jean glanced at Caleb and opened her mouth to ask, "I think you are a smart man. You are aware that you might get yourselves killed this time, because you kidnapped me. In that case, why do you still want to do something dangerous and put yourselves at risk?"

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