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   Chapter 827 Her Last And Only Hope

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7846

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But on second thoughts, Jean felt it was impossible that the kidnappers didn't have enough men. Jean and Zed had not planned their trip to the night market. The kidnappers must have been well prepared to take her right under Zed's nose.

Besides, it wasn't an easy task to take someone away brazenly in such a crowded place.

On the other hand, the sea of people may have been the reason why the kidnapping was much easier. It would be difficult to find her in a large crowd. Were they so certain that no one would find out her whereabouts, so they didn't have anyone watch over her now?

Jean's eyes darted around, her gaze eventually settling at the small patch of night sky overhead. In her heart, she knew she was done for.

Ultimately, she gave up trying to call for help.

It would only make things worse if she woke up the kidnappers.

The kidnappers would definitely come to check on her.

At the moment, she did not want to face them, at least until she had thought through a stable plan.

Luckily, although her hands and feet were bound, they were not tied to a fixed place.

Even though it took quite a bit of effort, she was still able to move around a bit if she wanted to.

Something then grabbed her attention. Out of the corner of her eye, a screw caught the moonlight, shining like a beacon of hope that brought life back to her.

Jean tried to slowly wiggle towards it. 'Come on, Jean you can do it, ' she thought to herself as sweat dripped down her brows. 'Think about your baby. Think about Zed... You have to at least try to save yourself.'

After a few minutes, she was finally able to grab the screw with her hands. She gripped on it tightly and moved back to where she was earlier.

When she got there, Jean let out a deep sigh of relief.

She closed her eyes and prayed as she started to slowly rub the sharp edge of the screw against the rope.

It was only a matter of time before the kidnappers came back in again. Jean tried to dig the screw into the rope with all the force she could muster.

As the minutes passed by, sweat started to roll down her face and neck. After a while, she paused, clenching her hand that had grown so numb from the work she exerted on the rope.

'Jean, you can't give up! Come on!'

She took a deep breath and started cutting the rope once more.


The best thing she could do was to stay alive

until Zed came.

She had to buy herself some time before the kidnappers came in.

Soon, her delicate hands were worn out and starting to bruise. After a while, she had finally made a small dent on the hemp rope.

Jean touched the little dent and cried with joy.

She felt hope.

If given more time, she would soon cut the rope and be free.


While Jean was cutting the rope, she kept sorting things out in her mind.

Where were the kidnappers right now?

Was it because of the night?

Or did they get caught by Zed's men?

Maybe, there was some other reason?

Jean thought hard but still couldn't try to figure it out.

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. Before the day broke, the hemp rope was cut off with a tiny screw.

Jean quickly untangled the rope tied on her wrist. Seeing her hands, though stained with blood, free, she gave out a broad smile.

Without wasting a second, she immediately untangled the rope tied on her ankles.

With her hands now free, it was easy to untie the rope.

After she set her feet free, Jean slowly stood up, waited for a few seconds for blood to circulate and then took a step ahead.

The light that went through the ceiling was enough for her to see the warehouse clearly.

It was a huge warehouse, about one thousand square meters.

Other than some stacked heavy machines, nothing was there.

Jean walked around to search for more clues. Surprisingly, she found a pair of rusty scissors and a dirty hammer in a corner.

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