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   Chapter 826 Jean Is Missing

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7250

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'I just saw her go inside the dressing room, so where the hell she is now?

Why am I so panicked and scared?' Zed thought to himself.

Kirk also realized that Jean was nowhere to be found. He angrily grabbed the clerk's collar. "Where was the girl who was inside the dressing room just now?"

"Isn't she in there...? the clerk stammered, frightened by Kirk.

"I mean the woman who is pregnant. Where is she?" Zed strode over and barked.

"The pregnant woman?" There was a puzzled look on the clerk's face. Then she seemed to remember something and quickly added, "She paid for her clothes. She seemed to be in a hurry when she left with a man. She didn't even change her clothes."

"What?" It was written all over Zed's face that he was furious. He glared at the clerk and asked, "Did you see it yourself? What does the man look like?"

"Yes, I did," the clerk answered quickly. "The lady looked relaxed. When they left, the lady had a smile on her face, so I thought they knew each other and I didn't bother asking any questions."

"Tell me! What did the man look like?" Zed asked, raising his voice.

The clerk's heart pounded rapidly against her chest—frightened by Zed. She looked at Zed with fear written on her eyes and said hesitantly, "I didn't get a closer look at the man but I remember he was good looking."

Zed knew that this was all the information he was going to get from the clerk so he turned to Kirk and said, "Kirk, you stay here and find out more. Call me if they tell you something useful. I'm going to look for them right now. They just left so they must still be in the area."

"All right, go ahead. I'll take it from here!" Kirk nodded with a worried look on his face.

Kirk sighed heavily as he watched Zed rush out.

He thought, 'We just wanted to go out and have fun today. Who would have expected that something bad would happen today?

And it happened on Zed's watch. Did Jean leave because she met someone she knew?

If that's the case then at least she's safe.

But for Zed, well, he's not going to be happy about it.'

When Jesse had finished changing, she stepped out of her dressing room. She was surprise

upid. She knew that that smell was poison in the form of incense.

It smelled like many of the cheap perfumes she found at the night market.

Jean wondered if Zed was good enough to figure everything out and locate her.

She thought, 'By now, Zed must have already noticed that I'm missing.

Is he looking for me?'

Jean was uncomfortable but not a trace of fear could be found in her heart.

She was Zed's wife and she knew he was going to come and save her.

She was sure that Zed was looking for her right now.

She was hoping he'd find her sooner rather than later.

So she figured she should do her part too.

She must find a way to get herself out of the warehouse.

Jean slowly calmed herself down as she urgently looked around the warehouse.

However, it was difficult as it was really dark.

The only source of light in the warehouse was from the big hole on the roof—the light of the moon seeped in helping Jean grasp the inside of the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse were several huge structures that were probably old machines of some sort. Since it was an abandoned warehouse, it was all covered in dust.

Jean attempted to stand up but she realized that both her hands and feet were tied up in a very thick rope hindering her movements.

She was a bit surprised to find that no one was in the warehouse but her.

'Bet they don't have enough men to watch over me, ' Jean cockily thought to herself.

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