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   Chapter 825 What's Wrong With You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7231

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"Zed, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?" Kirk asked with concern.

Jean had been eating lamb kebabs when she heard Zed retching. She suddenly lost her appetite and turned to look at Zed with concern.

Zed looked very pale. He found that everyone was looking at him and could only squeeze out a bitter smile. "Don't worry. I'm gonna be fine. I'm just not used to the smoke of lamb kebabs. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable."

All of them knew that Zed was a cleanliness freak.

So they accepted his explanation without contest.

No one would ever thought that the reason why Zed retched was that he had eaten so many lamb kebabs, so that his wife could eat less.

It was so embarrassed!

'Good thing I was able to find out an excuse to convince everyone, ' Zed thought to himself.

"All right, we can go and check out other places,"

Kirk suggested.

"But I want to stay here a little longer..." Jesse was reluctant to leave. She threw a pleading look at Kirk and Zed. "We have so much more to see and I haven't been here in a while. I don't want to leave so early. Jean, you want to stay a little longer, don't you? We can go on the merry-go-round and then take pictures in the beautiful ancient costumes. Let's have fun here first before leaving. Please, please, please!"

Jesse could tell that Kirk and Zed wanted to leave already, so she decided to turn to Jean for support.

When Jean looked at Jesse, she found her beautiful face flushed with excitement and her eyes shining.

At this moment, Jesse looked like a little girl with simple joys. She looked adorable and didn't look like a tricky girl.

The smart decision would've been to turn Jesse down politely.

But Jesse had been so nice to her ever since they arrived at the night market. So Jean didn't have the heart to turn her down.

She could see that Jesse really liked it here.

But could she trust Jesse? If she were being honest, she also wanted to stay a little longer, especially after Jesse mentioned the other exciting things that they could do.

But Zed didn't look okay...

Jean looked at Zed with a worried look on her face.

Zed was her husband

cept of China as well as restoring the elegant and popular retro style. Jesse looked charming and attractive in the light-colored dress embroidered with delicate patterns.

The dress was low-cut. It showed off her figure very well and made her look particularly sexy. Zed looked away with embarrassment.

He looked at the direction of the dressing room Jean had just entered but couldn't hear any sounds or movement. The shop assistants were very busy and no one was helping Jean in the dressing room.

A bad feeling crept up to him.

He hurried to the dressing room. A shop assistant was shocked when she saw Zed trying to get in. She stopped him immediately. "Sir, this is the women's dressing room. You can't come in. Your only option is to wait outside."

"Go away!" Zed's face was full of anger. He was staring at the shop assistant fiercely.

The shop assistant trembled with fear under his angry gaze and stopped trying to block him.

"What happened?" Kirk noticed the commotion, so he rushed over to them and asked. He found that Zed was rushing angrily to the women's dressing room and arguing with the shop assistant.

Zed didn't have time to explain. He pushed the door to the dressing room open.

There was a woman changing clothes. She screamed when she saw the door pushed open by a strange man.

"Jean..." But that was not Jean. She was not in the room. Zed was stunned. All the color from his face drained.

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