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   Chapter 824 Using Violence To Solve Problems

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7234

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Jean admired the civil way Kirk used to handle the situation.

"Zed, if you were in Kirk's position, what would you do?" Jesse turned to look at Zed and asked curiously.

On hearing what Jesse had asked, Jean shifted her glance towards Zed as she was thinking the same thing. She also wanted to know what Zed would do in this situation.

Zed glanced sideways only to find Jean looking at him expectantly. He returned his gaze to Jesse and responded simply, "Obviously, I'm not going to let them go that easy. I normally use violence to solve a conflict."

"Wow!" Jesse exclaimed, applauding. She eyed Zed with admiration and asked, "You mean to say they're dead meat if they had gotten in your way tonight, right?"

"They're dead meat now!" Zed said coldly.

Jean didn't understand what Zed had meant and she had a strange feeling lurking inside her when she saw the look on Zed's face.

As everyone sat in silence processing the conversation Zed and Jesse had just had, they heard a loud explosion from behind them.

"What happened?" Jean said, looking back out of curiosity.

"I didn't like them. They were rude to us and they got in my way tonight. So I got rid of their cars," Zed said slowly and plainly.

'Are they okay? Are they hurt or dead?'

Jean's stomach turned and twisted when she heard Zed speak. Panic crept over her face.

Just in time, Kirk had turned up the radio to listen to the news. They were already reporting what had just happened.

"Several lawbreakers participated in a drag race on East Mount Road tonight causing a severe traffic jam. All the suspects have been arrested by the police. Their respective cars exploded just a few minutes later..."

'They're okay!'

Jean thought inwardly. She took a deep breath as she felt relieved upon hearing the news.

Jean kept her mind racing, 'They were wrong but not so much that they should get killed!

I'm sure Zed didn't mean to kill anyone.

But I still don't understand why I'm suddenly scared of Zed.

They just chased after our car and whistled at us. Since Kirk had already asked the police to arrest them, why did Zed still have to do that?

Even th

with you, ' Jean concluded.

Jean graciously took the lamb kebabs that Jesse was handing to her. The minute she started eating, she forgot all her worries.

As she took a bite, Jean said, "It's so good! Would you like to try, Zed?"

Zed was concerned as to how fresh the lamb kebabs they were selling in these kinds of places really were. He was afraid that if Jean might get diarrhea if she ate too much.

Even though Zed didn't like lamb kebabs, he nonetheless ate some for Jean's sake.

Zed thought if he ate more lamb kebabs, the less for Jean.

However, what Zed didn't consider was how much girls loved the barbecued food.

And how many barbecue stands there were in the night market.

Zed was surprised to find Jesse buying lamb kebabs at every barbecue stand she saw. No matter how many lamb kebabs she had eaten, she would still buy whenever she saw one!

Zed pursed his lips every time Jesse shared her lamb kebabs with Jean. That's how much he disliked them.

An hour later, Zed was so full that he couldn't bear to take another bite of lamb kebab. He would throw up if he tried one more bite. "No more lamb kebabs! Let's try something new!" he blurted out.

"Good idea! Let's go! There are lots of other food we could try like toasted drumsticks, chicken wings! We can try those," Jesse exclaimed.

"Blarghhh…" Zed couldn't help retching upon hearing Jesse's suggestion for food. He really hated barbecue.

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