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   Chapter 823 Let's Go

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"Kirk, what are you waiting for? Go on, take them for a walk and show them around!" Simon urged his son even though he could clearly see the hesitation on his face.

"Kirk, you're the oldest one here. Take care of them, okay?" Sara added, trapping Kirk further into the plan.

How could Kirk say no when his parents themselves told him to go? He agreed despite his unwillingness. He sighed, "All right, I'll show them around." He darted his eyes and then continued, "Why don't you prepare first? We'll leave in a while."

Jean didn't expect this kind of treatment from Grandpa Benjamin. She never thought that he would offer up Zed like that.

However, Jean lost her initial excitement for the walk when Jesse suddenly tagged along.

Since Jesse insisted on coming along and Kirk was tasked to be the guide, the original romantic walk of the two turned into a crowded and uncomfortable group of four.

While Jean was now hesitant to come, she had to pretend otherwise for Kirk's sake.

When they first arrived at the Imperial Capital, autumn had just begun so the night was chilly and leaves were just starting to fall.

When Zed and Jean returned to their room to collect their stuff, Zed could tell that Jean wasn't as excited anymore. He knew that Jesse coming along wasn't exactly Jean's idea of a nice night out.

"Hey sweetheart, try to relax, okay? It'll be over before you know it. If Kirk finds out we don't really want to go, he might be discouraged and he might feel bad," Zed said. It didn't bode well with him that Jean had to deal with Jesse.

"Zed, I know." Jean nodded and stood in front of Zed before she continued, "I've encountered so many obnoxious people but Jesse has reached a whole new level. She knows very well that we don't want her coming along yet she still insisted on going. Such audacity. She acts like she's never seen the city before! Isn't she even a bit worried that we might just ignore her the whole time?"

"Well, actually, she's not as naive as we think. She was brought up by a very strict family. Do you remember the last time she came to H City? She was trying to get away from her family because they were fixing her up for a marriage," Zed said hesitantly.

"Okay, so she wasn't always allowed to go out before?" Jean asked him, eyes widened.

"Yes, she was rarely allowed to go out and meet new people, let alone go to new places," Zed added, nodding his head slightly.

Silence followed as Jean tried to process this in her mind.

To Je


It had been a long time since Zed came home. He understood that it was his responsibility to take care of Jean so Kirk was asked to drive.

Jesse sat in front while Zed and Jean sat at the back.

Kirk purposely chose their navy blue convertible Ferrari so they could see more sights as they drove along.

People stared as the Ferrari passed along the road. Truly, it was a magnificent car that looked like every dollar spent on it was well worth it. All the four people who sat in the car felt like royalty as crowds gathered over the beautiful car.

There were some people in other cars who tried to catch up with the moving car in order to get a better look of the people sitting inside. One of them had even whistled rudely when he caught sight of Jesse.

Jesse's face reddened in anger. She started screaming, most of which was directed to Kirk, "Oh my god! Did he just whistle at me? Kirk! Crash his car! Hit him for me! Let him know that he shouldn't be disrespecting me like that!"

Kirk heard her but chose to ignore her. Instead, he calmly took out his phone and called the police. "Hi! I'm calling for Mr. Wu, the director? Yes, hello, this is Kirk. There are some rude people here at East Mount Road. Sorry to trouble you but would you mind sending over a couple of your guys to take care of this? They were trailing our car and even tried to hit on my little sister."

The Imperial Capital police were famous for their efficiency. Just a few minutes after, a convoy of patrols arrived and stopped the car who was trailing the Ferrari.

When they finally got rid of the car, Jesse gave a thumbs up to Kirk and gave him a look of admiration.

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