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   Chapter 822 Warmth From Family

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7084

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Zed's family was very powerful, so acting properly in front of the elderly and young alike and maintaining a peaceful relationship with them were very important. Sometimes, just one wrong move was all it took to anger the family.

Jade knew this but she still checked up on Jean anyway, even if it meant leaving the rest of her family to eat by themselves.

Jean was moved by Jade's concern.

"I promise I won't be as stiff next time," Jean reassured Jade.

Jade nodded as if in approval.

"Mom, you have nothing to worry about, since Jean just said she wasn't hungry," Zed chipped in.

"All right, but still take care of her, Zed," Jade said seriously.

"I will, mom." Zed nodded obediently.

Jade was relieved to find that she was worried about nothing after all. She smiled at Jean warmly. "You both enjoy yourselves then. I think they're about to finish their meal," Jade said looking over to the dining room. "I have to go and clean up."

"We'll be fine, mom. Go on," Jean said, smiling back.

The dinner they feasted on that night was all of Jade's cooking. Sara didn't seem to be interested in offering a hand. Jean could immediately tell that this was commonplace for Sara.

Jean didn't find it surprising at all that Sara had grown up to be quite spoilt. Zed's family was incredibly wealthy—a success rooting from Sky International. Jean figured housework was the last thing on the mind of a CEO's wife.

The first time Jean had met Sara—she recalled her from her heavy makeup and quite frankly, at how pretentious she was.

Jade was more genuine and much kinder unlike Sara. Jean was glad that Jade was her mother-in-law instead of Sara.

Jade treated her as if she were her own daughter.

She had been kind to her ever since she accepted her as Zed's wife. Unlike some people, Jade never looked down on her for her background.

Jade had only been more caring towards Jean now that she was pregnant. Jean was sure that Jade would protect her no matter what.

Growing up, Jean never received much maternal love. She was not only grateful for Jade but she also cherished her in

o Grandpa Dan and get home as early as possible."

"But, Zed..." Jesse pouted. The excitement on her face disappeared.

She saw how Zed turned to Jean as if to ask for permission. She also saw the bitter smile that Jean returned to Zed as an answer.

Jean didn't want Jesse to go with them and she knew that.

That was the reason why she asked Zed's opinion and not Jean's. She didn't expect that Zed could say no to her in front of their entire family.

"Kirk..." Jesse turned to Kirk for back up. She grabbed on Kirk's arm and gave him a sweet smile. "I want to go with you guys. I don't matter as much to Zed anymore since he already has a wife. But you won't do that to me, right?"

Kirk didn't know what to say. He didn't even know why Zed had invited him in the first place.

But no one ever enjoyed being the third wheel.

He could have easily gotten out with an excuse and stayed home.

But now he couldn't do that since Jesse was turning to him for support.

He was trapped in a dilemma.

If he insisted to stay at home, Jesse would definitely be unhappy.

He wondered why Jesse wanted to tag along with Zed and Jean on what sounded like a romantic walk. 'No, that would be way too awkward for both Jesse and me, ' Kirk thought to himself.

Just as he was about to refuse the invitation, Jesse looked at him with her gorgeous, puppy eyes. Suddenly, he felt his throat constrict.

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