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   Chapter 821 We Don't Have So Many Rules

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6409

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With the way Jesse was looking at her, Jean felt like she was going to wrap her hands around her throat and kill her.

Jean could feel Sara's eyes digging through her head with how intense she was staring.

"I know, grandfather," Zed answered cheerfully and nonchalantly.

As they continued to have dinner, Jean could feel the atmosphere getting increasingly awkward.

When Jean finished all the food in her bowl, she set aside her chopsticks but her stomach was still grumbling.

"What? Didn't you like the food?" Jade inquired.

She was sitting on the other side of Zed and leaned over to look at Jean.

"It was all good. I'm just full now. Please enjoy yourself." When Jean finished speaking, she stood up and headed for the living room.

The moment she stepped out of the dining room, she felt relieved.

She was uneasy the whole time as she could feel everyone's eyes on her.

She stepped out before the dinner was over for some fresh air.

Soon, Zed had followed her. Jean was sitting on the sofa and Zed sat beside her. His voice sounded worried, "What happened? Did you not like the food? Or it was because of Jesse?"

"Neither." Jean looked up at Zed and sighed. "Zed, don't take care of me in front of everyone like that next time. I don't want to be treated like some pet."

"Is that why you're upset?" Zed asked in disbelief. "You stopped eating because everyone was staring at you, didn't you? That wasn't your regular appetite. Come on! You can eat again. Don't starve yourself."

"I don't want to." Jean shook her head. "I don't want to eat there anymore. I don't feel comfortable you looking after me like that while everyone else is there. It kind of ruined the atmosphere for me..."

Jean's voice trailed off.

"Jean..." Zed shifted his glance, looking serious. "I know you don't like getting that much attention because you want them to like you. But you don't have to do


"It's okay, mother. I'm not hungry," Jean said, shaking her head.

"Jean, I can tell that you are." Jade gave her a stern look.

Jean blushed.

Was it that obvious?


Jean was at a loss for words.

"You don't have to explain yourself. Help yourself to anything. I want you to feel comfortable here. We're family now too. Earlier when you left the table, everyone was so worried about you. That's why they asked me to check up on you. We're not so uptight around here, you know."

Jade looked and sounded sincere.

"Okay." Jean inhaled a breath and looked at Jade. "Mother, I'll try to make myself feel more comfortable here."

Jean's face was still red.

She was embarrassed that Jade stopped her dinner midway just to come out and check up on her and Zed.

But she just couldn't tell her that she found it difficult to eat under scrutiny, especially the intent gaze from Jesse and Aunt Sara.

It was a good thing that Jesse was leaving soon.

But Sara...

Jean furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Jade.

Zed had told her that Sara and Jade didn't exactly have the smoothest relationship.

Sister-in-law relationships could be quite tricky. While some really did end up close and bond like true sisters, that wasn't commonplace.

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