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   Chapter 818 I Will Have Zed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7361

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'Is that grandpa?

I haven't seen grandpa since I woke up, ' Jean thought.

Jean was excited but when she turned back, her excitement disappeared.

It wasn't grandpa. She was surprised to find Jesse instead. The sun was shining too brightly so she couldn't see the look on Jesse's face.

As Jesse walked towards her, Jean found that there was a look of disdain on her face. Jesse sneered at her, "If Zed isn't here, what do you think gives you the right to just walk around here? What if you get lost? That would be a pity."

"Get lost?" Jean couldn't help but chuckle as she looked at Jesse. She raised her head and replied, "I'm not a child. I don't need to be watched over. Besides, it's just a yard not a palace. How will I get lost?"

'Wow, what a lame excuse! Now that Zed isn't around, you're done pretending to be this sweet and innocent girl. Huh!

You're just taking advantage of the fact that I'm alone so you can bully me, ' Jean thought to herself.

"Jean, I'm so worried about your mental capacity. You really are stupid!" Jesse spat. She was a little surprised that Jean fought back as she didn't expect that. That didn't matter though. She was going to take this chance to humiliate Jean.

Zed wouldn't have left her alone if it wasn't for Jean. Jesse was absolutely mad at her.

'What a selfish woman! I haven't seen Zed for two months and she knew that! How dare she allow Zed to just leave me?

What a spiteful woman!

Jean, you've changed. You've got more gut now.

Great! Then, let's play the game!' Jesse thought to herself.

"Okay," Jean said simply. She chose to remain composed despite the seething Jesse.

Then, Jean lowered her head, touched her belly softly and said to herself, "Baby, someone's bullying me and she looks so miserable. She's so angry. Shall we stay away from her? Mummy shouldn't be bothered by anyone. They shouldn't be doing that to me. I should just leave her alone, right? I'm a kind and gentle woman. I'm not stupid enough to do that. So I think we should go back now and find daddy, don't you think so too?"

As soon as Jean finished speaking, she turned around to leave. Jesse was furious.

"Stop it, you!" Jesse screamed

said, in shock. She shook her head and continued, "I can't just leave you to him. I won't do that and Zed wouldn't want me to do that. Do you think Zed has feelings for you? He just sees you like family, like his little sister and you know that."

"Little sister..." Jesse laughed coldly, "We've been friends for over twenty years. I wouldn't be surprised if Zed suddenly realizes he wants to be with me."

"Then why hasn't he realized that yet?" Jean said, a little angry now.

Jean had been trying to understand her before, but she was starting to get on her nerves.

Jesse had become more shameless and had gone overboard.

How dare she?


Jesse couldn't answer Jean's question. She was in shock as a sad realization seemed to fall on her.

"Since he obviously doesn't have feelings for you, it's time you move on. You're not a child anymore. And besides, Zed's made it clear to you before: he only sees you as a little sister. He doesn't love you and he never will. Why can't you just move on with your life?"

Jean said.

"I want to! I want to move on and be happy!" All of a sudden, Jesse's eyes turned red as she shouted. She stared at Jean with tear-filled eyes. "I want to forget Zed! I want to move on and start a new life so I can be happy! But I just can't seem to. I really love him..."

Jesse cried out. Jean found herself sympathizing with Jesse.

Jean panicked as she didn't know how to deal with the tear-stricken Jesse.

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