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   Chapter 817 Feel Sorry

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"Okay," Sean nodded, glanced at them before returning his attention back to the newspaper he was reading.

Jesse's face changed— she looked offended.

'I fought tooth and nail just to be here to see Zed. How could he be so insensitive? Here I am at his home and he's going to go back to his room with Jean?' Jesse thought to herself.

She was outraged but she tried hard to calm herself down.

"Jesse, enjoy my cousin's company for now. I need to rest for a while. We can talk later," Zed said to Jesse as he held Jean's hand.

"Rest well!" Jesse said in an attempt to make him smile.

"Goodbye..." Jean waved at Jesse purposely before looping her hand around Zed's arm. As they walked back to their room, Jean had a big smile on her face.

Jean could tell how offended Jesse was right now even though she didn't look back.

"Zed, you do know that Jesse's only here to see you, right? Why are you going to leave her alone? I don't think that's such a good idea," Jean probed.

When they were inside their room, Jean raised her head to look at Zed in the eyes, waiting for his response.

"Well, I think it's a good idea to leave her alone for now and I did this for you. Besides, she's not completely alone. Kirk's keeping her company," Zed replied.

"You did that for me?" Jean pursed her lips and stared at Zed. "I didn't know that you did that for me. I mean, you now how much I hate Jesse. She framed me last time which almost costed us our marriage! I mean, we never should have allowed her to see us if you really cared about me."

"That's not polite. We're back home and this is the first time that she's been here. Next time, we can refuse to see her. It will be up to you,"

Zed explained to Jean as he took off his coat and jumped on the bed.

"Are you tired? You really need to rest!" Jean was a little worried when she saw his pale face.

"I'm fine. But I have a difficult time sleeping during the day." Zed opened his eyes so he could hold Jean in his arms.

"Be careful. I'm pregnant..." Jean raised her voice. She couldn't help it as she was so anxious.

"I know that. I'll be careful. I just want to hold you. That's only when I'll be rested," Zed whispered. He continued to hold Jean in his arms quietly.

Jean leaned her head against his chest for a while. Then, she raised her head and looked at his tired face. She held out a gentle touch on his rest

set aside food for him,"

Jade said as she turned back to finish cooking the soup. Her mind was still focused on Zed and the food she was going to set aside for him.

"Mum, Zed's really tired. He's even lost weight. I think he should eat well. Is there any chicken? We can make chicken soup for him. It'll be a nice treat for him when he wakes up,"

Jean suggested.

"Yes, we have chicken here, but I was saving it for you since you're pregnant and I thought you'd have chicken soup too," Jade said hesitantly.

"Mum, Zed and I are married. I don't need the chicken soup. I'm in better health than Zed is. You can save the soup for him," Jean argued with a smile.

"Okay, I can buy chicken for you again tomorrow! The kitchen is a mess. You can't stay here. Go rest in the living room! If you don't want to stay in the living room, you can take a walk outside and get familiar with the house,"

Jade said.

"Okay, I'll take a walk instead," Jean agreed. She walked outside the house, taking in the grandiosity of it all.

Jade couldn't help but smile as she watched Jean take a walk outside.

If anything, she only ended up liking Jean even more.

'Zed really does have good taste. Jean's such a good daughter-in-law, ' she thought to herself.

Jean went out to the yard to take a walk by herself.

The yard was in full bloom of beautiful flowers.

Grandpa seemed to be taking good care of the garden.

Jean felt so much better after she took a deep breath and inhaled the flowery scent.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming from behind. She felt her heart racing.

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