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   Chapter 813 Nightmare

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7749

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Uncle Simon was fighting death—fighting for more time to live.

If he knew that his wife was coveting his whole life's painstaking efforts and trying to make him a mere figurehead in his company, it would greatly affect his health and lessen his chances of getting better.

Kirk, on the other hand, was Uncle Simon's chief physician now.

At both ends of the scale were his seriously ill father and his most beloved mother. No one could predict what decision Kirk would make in the end.

For the time being, the whole thing had to be hidden from both of them. It was crucial that Zed dealt with it with secrecy to prevent it from being discovered—so that Sara wouldn't foil their plans, and that Simon had a better chance at regaining his health.

As things stood, the Qi family could no longer withstand any more blows.

Grandpa Benjamin, on the other hand, was already very old. It was inappropriate to bother him with such things at this time.

If it had not been a matter of urgency, he would not have personally asked Zed to help solve the problem.

The Qis were a family that held much prestige in Imperial Capital. Here, fame and power were greatly valued.

It would be quite scandalous if people knew about the dilemma they were currently facing, making the discreetness of this plan even more important.

"Since it has gotten this serious, why didn't you come back with grandpa last time to fix it?" Jean asked, somewhat puzzled.

"At that time, grandpa only noticed some clues. Uncle Simon needed to be treated, so it was natural that Aunt Sara was always with him. Therefore, grandpa thought Aunt Sara did not have any other personal intentions. But grandpa later realized that it was just a way to confuse him. In fact, at that time, I did not decide whether or not to get involved in this matter yet.

Later on, your pregnancy gave me a reason to escape. Grandpa didn't call me again when he knew you were pregnant. It also gave me enough time to think about it calmly. After I was certain that you could handle all the traveling and stress, I came here with you," Zed replied.

"So what made you make up your mind?" Jean asked curiously.

At that time, she did not find anything unusual about Zed. It seemed that either he was good at hiding things from her or she was just too care

refreshed. As she dried her hair, she grabbed her phone and dialed Moore's number.

She had not found the opportunity to call him and ask about Henry because Zed's elders were around her when she arrived.

Soon the phone was connected and Moore's familiar voice came. "Jean, have you gotten to Imperial Capital safely?"

"Yes, we arrived early in the morning. After that, I was so tired that I fell asleep. I'm sorry, Moore! I didn't call you as soon as I got off the plane to say that I was okay,"

Jean remarked apologetically.

"That's all right. I know that as long as Zed is around you, you will be safe and sound. Well, how did you feel after meeting Zed's parents?" Moore asked jokingly.

"Humph, you've seen them before. Why do you still ask me that?" Then she immediately joked, "Moore, if I was bullied, would you fly to the Imperial Capital to save me?"


There was a few seconds of silence on the other end of the phone, and then Moore smiled and promised, "If you're bullied, just give me a call and I'll go to rescue you wherever I may be."

Jean didn't expect that she just asked a casual question, but Moore still answered it well.

If it hadn't been for a little laughter in his voice, she would have believed it.

"Well, I'm not kidding anymore. How was my father last night?" Jean restrained her smile and asked earnestly.

"Well... as soon as I got to the hospital yesterday, your father just kicked me out." When Moore talked about this, the expression on his face was filled with helplessness.

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