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   Chapter 811 We Are A Family

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The delicious porridge was really appetizing. Jean loved it so much that she had two bowls of the porridge. After that, she had one slice of sesame cake. When she had finished eating, she felt very full.

Benjamin asked his family members to obey table manners strictly.

As a result, all of them had focused on their breakfast in silence—talking to each other as they ate was considered rude.

After Jean finished her breakfast, she turned to Zed and found that he was already done eating. Zed looked at her and said in low voice, "The spring roll tasted great. Do you want to have a taste?"

"No, I'm already full," Jean refused him as she shook her head.

She ate too much that she was unable to have anything right now.

At last, Zed stopped persuading her to have more food, feeling reassured that she was really full.

Soon later, Benjamin was finished, too.

Under normal conditions, after breakfast, members of Qi family who didn't need to go to work would accompany Benjamin to have a walk in the yard.

However, Jade and Sara didn't walk with them this time. After the breakfast, they left without telling anyone.

Zed held Jean's hand as they slowly followed their elders with Kirk.

Zed's father and uncle were keeping his grandpa company. As the grandchildren, they were just close behind them.

"Kirk, I heard that you have a girlfriend. Why didn't she come back with you?" Zed broke the silence and asked.

"She is quite busy. She'll be here when she's finished," Kirk replied. Raising his head, he glanced at Zed, his eyes filled with sorrow.

"Kirk, don't be worried." Zed reached out his hand and patted on his shoulder. "Uncle Simon will be fine, I'm sure. You'll be able to take care of him."

"Zed..." Tears were already starting to form in Kirk's eyes. After a short while, he sobbed, the tears finally streaming down his face. "I am not god. I can't save my dad's life just because I want to. All I can do is to prolong his life. I can do nothing right now. But..."

All of a sudden, Kirk couldn't control himself anymore. He was too sad to finish the sentence. His face was covered with despair and eyes were filled with tears.

Zed knew what he was thinking about. He lowered his head and heaved a deep sigh. After a long while, he tried to comfort him, "Kirk, don't give up. Do everything to prolong his life. Maybe he'll recover. We can never be certain. I believe that uncle will try his best to fight against this. He will actively cooperate with the doctors. You are a good son to him, and he

at Jean with care.

Since Jean was having a baby, Benjamin was really happy about the good news. He was going be a great grandfather!

At the thought of that he would have a great grandson, Benjamin couldn't help but smile happily. He was so satisfied with his life.

Because of this, he sincerely cared about Jean.

When he heard his grandpa, Zed couldn't help but turn to Jean.

They had a long flight before. Just now, Jean walked for half an hour and had been talking with Kirk. All the activities consumed up a lot of energy.

At the moment, Jean looked really tired and worn out.

"You're right. Everyone, if you'd excuse me and Jean, we'll be going to our room for a while to rest," Zed said to them without consulting with Jean.

Jean opened her eyes wide and stared at Zed angrily, 'My god! It's too impolite.

It's daytime. We can't go back the bedroom and have a rest!' thought Jean.

Zed held her hands and tried to comfort her.

"Okay, go to have a rest!" Benjamin nodded to them, smiling from ear to ear.

The other family members also agreed and nodded to them with smile.

Then, Zed held Jean's hand and they walked towards their bedroom.

"Zed, aren't we being impolite if we leave?" Jean asked in a hushed voice, looking around to see if anyone could hear them.

"Grandpa cares about you. He asked you to get some rest!"

Quickly, they arrived at their bedroom.

Zed opened the door and looked at Jean with a mysterious smile. "Never mind. Don't worry about that! You are having my baby. Grandpa really cares about his great grandson. He will allow you to do anything you want to. Besides, we had a long flight. We really need to have a good rest!"

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