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   Chapter 810 Gift For The First Meeting

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Sara Wu didn't offer them a greeting immediately. Instead, she examined Jean up and down with her big, smoky eyes. After a while later, Sara feigned a smile. "Early this morning, I found out that everyone was out," she said. "I was wondering where they all went. And now I have my answer! They all came to the airport to meet you! Zed, we haven't met for ages, have we? I meet you again this time today, and you're married! It's just such a surprise."

Then she walked towards Jean as she removed her bracelet from her wrist. It was made of pure jade. Sara held up Jean's hand and placed the bracelet in her hand. "This is our first meeting, Jean," Sara said as she closed Jean's fingers over the trinket. "I have no idea what you like. I have kept this bracelet for years. Today, I'm giving it to you as a gift for our first meeting. I hope you like it!"

Jean was shocked and confused by her sudden action.

She had never expected that Sara would give her a jade bracelet

because Sara really didn't give out a good first impression.

Jean didn't like her because Sara looked at her sharply just now, like an x-ray scanning up and down her body.

Then in a split second, Sara's attitude totally changed and she even gave Jean an expensive gift. Jean bit her lower lip, feeling uneasy at the sight of the woman's behavior.

With that, Jean shook her head, and tried to politely decline the gift. "Aunt Sara, you're too kind. But I can't take this. It's too expensive..." Jean said faintly.

"Aunt Sara is giving it to you as a gift, Jean. Just take it," Simon persuaded as he smiled next to them. "This is the first time you two are meeting. And she's your elder, it's natural that she would give you a present."

Upon hearing what Simon said, Jean felt a bit lost. 'Well, I remember that Simon is kind and sincere.

So perhaps his intentions are good, and he really meant what he said. Would it be impolite if I turn him down as well?'

Not knowing what to do anymore, Jean turned to Zed for help.

Zed smiled at Jean as he noticed her dilemma. "Since this is the gift that Uncle Simon and Aunt Sara are giving you, then just take it, Jean!"

he said, patting her lightly on the back.

His words comforted Jean a bit, and finally, she took the bracelet.

The jade was a deep green color, and was cool to the touch as Jean wrapped her fingers around it. It was absolutely stunning.

Deep inside, however, Jean couldn't appreciate it as much as she knew she should, a

u know nothing about it,"

Jade persuaded Jean.

"Got it, mother." On hearing what Jade had said, Jean nodded. She didn't want to worry Jade more.

Benjamin, Simon, Sean, Kirk and Sara had already sat on their seats as they walked into the dining room.

Jean felt somehow nervous as she noticed everyone fixing their eyes on her.

Luckily, Benjamin greeted and wore the benign smile on his face as he always did, "Come here, Jean, have a seat."

Nodding politely, Jean went over to sit beside Kirk, and left her left seat for Zed.

Jean thanked Kirk with a bright smile as he carefully pulled the chair out for her.

Kirk beamed as he noticed Jean's smile.

A while later, Zed came in and sat beside Jean.

The uneasiness in Jean's heart subsided when she saw Zed right next to her.

With a soft sigh, she turned to the table to look at the meal prepared for them.

The food was typical Chinese food. Everyone had a bowl of congee, except for Simon who had a sandwich, eggs, and a glass of milk in front of him.

Jade knew Jean liked minced pork congee with preserved egg, so she prepared the congee for everyone.

Aside from the congee, there were soy milk, Chinese fried dough stick, sesame seed cake...

Jean felt very hungry now after the long flight they had just had. The entire time they were on a plane, she was just fast asleep. The only thing she had consumed was that cup of juice.

She stared at the bowl of minced pork congee with preserved egg in front of her. Jean knew the congee was specially prepared by Jade for her. On hearing Benjamin say "Okay, let's eat", Jean instantly picked up her spoon and began eating.

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