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   Chapter 809 Do You think I'm Annoying

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7349

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Zed shook his head and sighed at Jean.

'I gave you so many chances to get out of mom's chattering but you took none of them!

Don't come complaining to me when you get tired later on, ' Zed thought to himself.

"Your Uncle Simon's here, by the way. He flew all the way from Switzerland because he found out Jean was coming. I guess he really wants to see Jean," Sean said.

"Dad, is Uncle Simon all..."

Zed stopped himself before he could finish. He recalled that his grandfather told him that Uncle Simon had been diagnosed and suffering from liver cancer. He didn't have much time left—he only had six months left to be exact. That was all the time Uncle Simon had left.

As far as Zed knew, no one had ever told Sean and Jade about this.

It had already been more than a month since Uncle Simon was diagnosed. Zed figured that the news must have spread quickly.

Zed didn't have to finish his sentence for Sean to understand what he was trying to ask. He frowned and sighed, "Kirk's doing all he can to get the best treatment for your uncle. I'd like to think that things are looking good. You'll see for yourself soon."

Sean did his best to ease the tension for Zed but everyone just seemed a bit more uneasy, if anything.

Even Jade, who had been talking nonstop, paused as her face darkened.

Meanwhile, Jean could sense something was wrong.

She looked at Zed in shock.

Zed had a hand over his mouth in quiet agony.

"Come on, guys, lighten up. We'll be home in a few minutes. Jean, I think you should know that even though Simon was adopted, Zed's grandpa loves him like his own. We all live together and love one another like a real family. So, this is your home now too, okay?"

Jade said warmly as she reached out to hold Jean's hands.

"I will, Mom." Jean nodded gently.

Jade was pleasantly surprised to find that Jean was patient and kind—she couldn't have asked a better partner for Zed.

They arrived at a large and traditional courtyard house.

These traditional Chinese buildings could be seen everywhere in Imperial Capital.

They were a part of Imperial Capital's unique culture.

But this particular courtyard house, which Zed's family o

arm ones and introduced her to Kirk, "Jean, this is my cousin, Kirk."

"Nice to meet you, Kirk," Jean said.

Kirk looked very friendly. Unlike Zed who looked serious, Kirk was the opposite—he was a ray of sunshine and he could make anyone feel comfortable around him.

"Kirk, this is my wife, Jean," Zed said, beaming with pride.

Jean looked at Zed timidly.

Zed hadn't thought this through. They'd been planning to go Imperial City for quite a while now but not once did he mention his family to Jean. Jean couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

She was led to believe that Sean was Benjamin's only son, and Zed was Benjamin's only grandson.

She had just found out about Simon and Kirk at that moment, which was frustrating.

She felt like a fool not knowing what to say to his family.

'Thanks to Zed, '

Jean complained in her mind but on the outside, she was smiling politely to Kirk.

"I think we have some important guests here today." Everyone turned around. The sly voice came from a middle-aged woman wearing a cheongsam, a type of traditional Chinese clothing.

The woman looked elegant. She looked like she lived a posh life—as if she had stopped aging years ago.

"Mom, Zed's here with Jean!" Kirk was all smiles. He led his mother to Zed.

Jean then inferred that this woman was Zed's aunt.

"It's good to see you, Aunt Sara," Zed greeted politely.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Jean," Jean echoed, as she stood behind Zed.

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