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   Chapter 807 Don't Be Scared, I'm Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7678

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"Yes, you are right. We should be more careful. You are having my baby. I should take care of you two,"

Zed said to Jean, his voice full of tenderness and love. He couldn't help but pinch her nose.

Jean curled her lips and pretended to be mad at him. "Wow, did you mean that you asked Toby to protect me because I'm bearing your child? Well, if I weren't pregnant, will you still protect me?"

"Stop talking like that. I did this only for you! Do you remember that I asked Toby to protect you in the hospital? You were not pregnant at that time," Zed explained immediately.

Jean thought it over and remembered that incident. Then, she was full of happiness and looked at Zed with a big smile. "Okay, I forgive you. I'll follow your plan. But I have one requirement. Please ask them to protect me in secret. I don't want to show off. People might think that I am a gang boss followed by the bodyguards."

Zed was amused as he heard Jean. He burst into laughter. "You are so funny, Jean. If Toby, Gregory and Terry heard you, they must be so mad at you. They are not from the gangdom. Okay, it's almost the time. Let's go for the security check," said Zed.

After he was finished, Zed wrapped his arm around Jean's waist and walked towards the check-in counter.

"Shouldn't we wait for them?" Jean got confused. She looked back and tried to look for Toby. To her surprise, she didn't find them at all.

"Don't worry, they will follow us. Besides, they will not sit next to us. So, we needn't wait for them," Zed explained to Jean quickly as he took out their tickets.

"We're in the first class. Where will they stay? Are they in the economy class?" Jean asked him with excitement as her eyes lit up. She looked really interested in the topic.

"They are my men. It would be too shabby for them to stay in the economy class." Zed looked displeased as he heard Jean. "They are in the business class."

"Okay, I get it," Jean replied. It was her first time to take the airplane. She had no idea of the concept of first class, business class and economy class at all.

She learned most of what she knew from TV. Rich people would be in the first class. Sometime, they would even rent a whole plane to have a good trip.

Quickly, they got through security, and made their way


Although it was a long distance, Jean could easily tell that she looked like a strong woman.

She was in her business wear and looked capable. The subtle makeup and her beautiful face made her look like a woman with a powerful background.

'Why is that woman sitting on my seat? How did Zed allow that? He is chatting with her happily though, ' thought Jean.

She got greatly shocked at the thought of that. Deep inside, she felt uneasy, and a frown crept on her face.

After a short while, Jean walked towards them and made a small, fake cough. Then, she said to Zed in a sweet voice, "Zed, is she your friend?"

She then turned to the woman to look at her with a polite smile.

"Jean, you're back. Let me introduce you two. This is the cooperative partner of my company next season, Lina Gong!" said Zed.

'Lina? That sounds familiar?

A lot of mistresses are called Lina in TV shows, '

Jean thought with an unconscious frown. As a result, she glanced at Lina Gong unfriendly.

"Wow, this must be your wife! Mr. Qi, congratulations! You are gonna be daddy! Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sitting on your seat. I sincerely apologized for that,"

Lina Gong said. She was a smart woman and was good at reading others' mind.

She could tell that Jean was a little mad at her even though the latter was smiling. Jean must be displeased since she was sitting on her seat. With that, Lina stood up and apologized for her behavior.

'She is smart. She knows how to behave in a delicate situation, ' thought Jean.

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