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   Chapter 806 Don't Worry About Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9763

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'Don't worry about me. I'll definitely live a good life so that I can try my best to make up for you in the future.

And the last thing I want is to upset you...' Jean had been repeating in her head what Henry had said earlier when they were at the hospital.

Jean and Zed were already back in the car, on their way to the airport. It was a quiet and calm night. There was barely any other cars since it was already late.

Despite this, the atmosphere between them was a bit uneasy.

Ever since they got back inside the car, Jean did not say a single word, and only stared out the window. There was a worried expression on her face, as if something serious was bothering her and completely consuming her thoughts.

After a while, Zed had noticed that Jean had been unusually quiet. He stole a quick glance at her before keeping his eyes on the road once more. "Jean, you seem worried," Zed started. "You don't have to worry about Henry. He'll be fine." It was as if he could read Jean's mind. Many other times before, he had known what Jean was thinking. He knew that at that moment she was still thinking about Henry. "Henry is a man who has been through a lot of ups and downs in his life. He'll get through this," he added. "And I have instructed the nurses to call us as soon as anything comes up."

Upon hearing this, Jean shifted a bit in her seat. She hadn't moved ever since they got on the road.

With a sigh, she turned to look at Zed. "I just regret telling Henry about Joy's death," she explained. "I shouldn't have told him before we left. I can't imagine how sad he is going through this all alone."

Zed couldn't help but let out a sigh of his own.

After all, he had left it up to Jean whether or not Henry should know about Joy's death. It just seemed wrong at that time to try and tell her what she should do, especially regarding a matter such as the loss of a loved one.

Zed suddenly remembered the look Henry had on his face upon learning about Joy's passing, and started to wonder if it was actually the right thing to do.

But the trigger had been pulled. There was no more point to think about it anymore--at least for Zed. What's done was done, and there was nothing to regret. He was always been very rational. And now he just wanted to console Jean a little.

"Henry will be all right. We'll call him right after we get off the plane," consoled Zed in a concerned tone.

"Well, I guess it's the only thing we can do now," replied Jean as she nodded her head.

In reality, she would have stayed a few more days before leaving for the Imperial Capital, if only Grandpa Benjamin and Zed's parents didn't expect them to leave today.

There was no other way she would leave Henry by himself until she was sure that he was okay.

The calmness of the night brought many unexpected incidences.

'I can't believe that I just broke down in front of Henry and spurted out w

r aside.

Meanwhile, Jean was so surprised at the sight of Toby's appearance that her eyes widened. She fixed her eyes on him after she got out of the car, and asked, "You… When did you arrive here?"

She suddenly saw that Gregory and Terry were standing behind Toby.

"We followed Mrs. Jean and Mr. Zed all the way here," replied Toby matter-of-factly.

"So you guys drove yourself?" doubted Jean.

"You're right, Mrs. Jean," answered Gregory this time.

"All right, time's running out. You park the car and then we'll meet at the secruity check," declared Zed as he took Jean's hand, and then walked towards the gate of the airport.

Jean got even more surprised with confusion depicted from her facial expressions. "Zed, they aren't coming with us to Imperial Capital, are they?" quizzed she as she walked with Zed.

"Well, they are," replied Zed in a calm tone. He looked at her and added, "Weren't you worried that we were leaving for the Imperial Capital? That's why I brought along the three of them to protect you."


uttered Jean but she soon stopped suddenly. She was kind of frightened at Zed's protection plan.

'Isn't it too much to have the three of them to protect me?' wondered Jean in her heart.

She looked up at Zed with a wry smile on her face, and said, "Zed, you know I did not mean this when I said that I was worried about our trip to the Imperial Capital…"

"I know," remarked Zed. Without waiting for her to finish her words, he reached out his hand and touched her head gently. He then added with a smile on his face, "After the incident last time, Jean, I know that Jesse has left a psychological shadow in your heart. In fact, even though the event has passed and every one of us all appears to be restored like we did before, deep down our hearts, we cannot pretend that nothing has happened."

"So, you mean…" responded Jean as her eyes lit up and she looked at Zed in surprise.

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