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   Chapter 805 Saying Goodbye To Henry

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Jean looked at Zed, shocked, uncomprehending why he would say something like that.

"It depends whether or not you want to tell him. We'll be going to the Imperial Capital soon, and we haven't said goodbye to your father yet,"

Zed explained.

The last time they visited Henry, they had told him that they would go to the Imperial Capital.

However, they did not say their goodbyes.

This was why Zed was asking to do so this time around—he was worried about Jean.

Although he wasn't entirely sure, Zed felt that Joy's death made Jean very sad.

If Jean kept that sadness in her heart without any form of release, it would grow into a bigger and more serious problem.

"If you don't want to go to the Imperial Capital tonight, I can easily call someone to cancel our flight,"

Zed added when Jean didn't say anything.

"No," she finally said, looking at Zed seriously. "We can't put off our entire trip at the last minute."

'Everyone in the Qi family knows that we leave tonight. If we postpone our flight, they will definitely think that something bad happened and will get worried.

As for visiting father…'

Jean looked at Zed and nodded. "You're right. Let's go visit father and say goodbye to him."

However, Jean still had not yet decided whether she should tell Henry about Joy's death or not. The thought of it made her anxious.

"Let's go!" Zed held Jean's hand gently and they both walked outside.

They had already packed up their luggage and asked someone to send it to the airport for consignment.

Because of this, they no longer had to worry about anything else. They just had to arrive at the airport and board the plane so they could set off on time.

Soon enough, Jean and Zed got into the car and drove off to the hospital.

It was getting late outside when they had arrived there. The hospital was unusually quiet.

Hand in hand, Jean and Zed made their way to Henry's room.

As soon as Zed knocked, the door opened, and Henry was there to greet them.

"Father, haven't you slept yet?" Zed asked with surprise.

"I know that you are going to leave tonight, so I couldn't fall asleep. But I didn't expect you to come here…" After saying that, he noticed that Jean standing silently beside Zed, averting her gaze. "What happened?" he asked, his voice filled with concern. "Has something bad

nry said as he looked at Jean with tears on his face. Finally, he put Jean's hand on Zed's solemnly. "Zed, I have handed you my favorite daughter. You must take good care of her."

"Okay, father," Zed promised with a serious look.

"I feel relieved that Jean is being taken care of by you. Well, time is almost up. You should leave early since you have to catch the flight," Henry said to Zed and Jean.

"Father, during the time that I'm not in H City, you can call me or Zed when you have any sort of problem. Zed has paid for everything you need in the hospital. All you have to do is rest and focus on your recovery. Before we come back, you must take good care of yourself,"

Jean said with worry.

Seeing Henry so sad, Jean wondered whether it was a good decision or not to tell her father about Joy's death right before they left.

"I will do exercises every day. Don't worry about me! I'll definitely live a good life so that I can try my best to make up for you in the future. Besides, I still have to see my grandchild! And the last thing I want is to upset you…"

Henry had dealt with business for so many years—he naturally understood what Jean was worried about, and tried to comfort her.

As he intended, Jean sighed with relief.

They hugged one last time, and went on their way. Jean looked back before going around the corner, and waved goodbye to Henry.

When they were out of sight, Henry let out a long sigh.

'Oh Jean, my daughter. I have done so many bad things and made you suffer a lot.

How can I ever forgive myself?'

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