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   Chapter 804 Joy Passed Away

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6277

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The last thing Zed expected was Jean hiding something from him.

There was no use hiding it since they were already having a sincere talk. Besides, they were couple so they were supposed to be honest with one another.


Suddenly, Zed had a sharp look on his face. He grabbed Jean so that she was against his chest and heaved a deep sigh. "Don't worry, you have nothing to worry about, okay? I won't let anything stand between us or our baby. I won't let anyone hurt you. And if anyone does, I assure you that there's going to be hell to pay."

Despite Zed's assurance, Jean still couldn't help but feel anxious.

No matter how hard we try, we just don't have control over things. Things happen and that's reality.

'Zed, I'm capable of protecting myself and our baby. I just hope that, for your sake, you won't let anyone off the hook.

At least those who deserve it, ' Jean thought to herself.

Time flew by.

Moore and Avery had settled into a steady relationship and it bode both of them well.

After Juan and Tina found out everything that Wesley did for Yanni, they went to visit him at the hospital and wished him well. Juan met up with Wesley to leave Yanni in his care before he and Tina flew to America.

No matter how bad Jean didn't want to leave, she had no choice when the day finally arrived.

Wesley was still in the hospital but he was already allowed to start moving and stretching his body.

So, with Yanni's assistance, he went to the Qi Mansion to see Zed and Jean off.

Moore and Avery had already arrived earlier.

Avery tightened her grip on Jean's hand, eyes reddened.

"Don't be sad, I'll be home before you know it," Jean assured Avery. "Now that I'm gone, no one's going to pester you and Moore. Listen to me, get along with Moore, okay? He will have you and only you in his heart sooner or later."

Avery's he


Zed was taken aback, uncertain how to respond, and most of all, shocked.

He knew Joy had been seriously sick but he didn't expect she would pass away so soon.

"I need to see Shirley. Zed, please arrange it for me. I want to tell her in person. After all, she was the only person mother had left..."

Jean was frantic and clumsily holding on to Zed.

"Listen to me, Jean." Zed enveloped her in an attempt to calm her down. It hurt him to see Jean in such a state. "Jean, I think your mother wouldn't want her to know. Trust me. Shirley wouldn't be able to handle it if she found out.

Joy visited Shirley before she died purposely to keep it from her. Would you want all of that to be for nothing? I know how upset you are right now. But Jean, you have to calm down. You have to be strong."

When Jean saw the look on Zed's face, suddenly everything was clearer.

She untangled her hand that was clung to Zed as her face darkened.

"Yeah, I was upset and I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry." Jean was calmer now but the sadness she was feeling in her heart was still there.

Zed's heart tightened seeing Jean like this.

He glanced at his watch and helped Jean up. "We still have time to go see your father. He deserves to know."

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