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   Chapter 803 They Will Treat You Well

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9241

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Observing the worried look on Yanni's face, Jean couldn't help but take her words seriously.

'She's right. I am pregnant now.

I can't remain agitated. I have to remain calm and composed.

If Jesse tries to destroy my marriage, will I be able to protect it? Can Zed and I have a good relationship despite Jesse?'

As these questions came rummaging into her mind, she felt as if she was wandering in the darkness. She had no idea at all.

Although Zed's grandpa and parents would be with her, she was still a little worried. Jesse was not stupid. She also knew that Zed's family would support Jean at any cost.

As a result, if Jesse was to attempt framing her, she would definitely make an intricate plan, which would undoubtedly be a great source of disturbance for Jean.

She was extremely worried. She was uneasy in not knowing what her enemy was planning to do.

However, there was one problem. She couldn't find the evidence to her worry. As of now, she had no palpable proof due to which she had to feel worried. She wondered if her fright was indeed misplaced and unnecessary.

So, deep down her heart, Jean didn't want to go to the Imperial Capital so soon. She had been trying to put off the trip.

However, this time, she had no reason to delay the trip any longer. Her arsenal of excuses had finally gotten exhausted.

"Yanni, it seems that you know Jesse very well. Am I right?"

All of a sudden, that thought stroke Jean's mind.

"She used to be my opponent," said Yanni. After a short while, she continued, "At the time, she was no match for me. Because Kenneth saved Zed's life, Zed used to take care of me. As a result, she was extremely jealous of me and she secretly did everything to obstruct me and my life. However, I saw through her tricks and solved all problems she caused with great planning and perseverance."

"Well, did Zed get to know about that?" Jean asked her as she frowned.

"No, he didn't. It was a proxy war between us. He needn't know about that. Besides, Zed didn't fall in love with either of us. It would be so disgraceful if he got to know about this. We are not stupid. Besides, if he knew that we were fighting for him, he would have been angry at us. We were worried about that too. Actually, it seemed that we were self-aware."

Mentioning this, Yanni looked at Jean with a bitter smile on her face. "Zed had no feelings for us at all. As a result, we had to fight against each other discreetly. Although we had been working hard to win Zed's love, we still failed. Zed fell in love with you and married you eventually."

"I believe that Zed would be unhappy if he knew that you both were fighting for him. He would have stopped you if he found out about it," Jean said as she looked at Yan

my mother on every issue. If my mother likes you, then he will follow suit without question. As a result, you needn't worry at all. Besides, I'll always be there to support you as well!" said Zed cheerfully.

Jean gave a bitter smile on hearing Zed's elaborate reply.

'What a fool! That's not what I'm concerned about, okay?

How can I tell him about my true underlying cause of my worry?' Jean wondered.

After a long while, when Zed finally looked at Jean's face in order to assess whether his attempt to comfort her had been successful, he frowned. At last, he realized that Jean was not worried about visiting his family. There was another reason altogether due to which his beloved seemed anxious. After thinking for a moment, he couldn't help but confront her, "You are not worried about my family, are you?"

"No, I'm not worried about that," Jean replied as she heaved a deep sigh. "I am you wife. I've been married to you for half a year. I cherish you and your family. They're wonderful people..."

"Well, then what's the problem?" Zed appeared to be irritated.

At the moment, he didn't have much idea about the root cause of the problem. He did have a few wild guesses, but that was all about it. He had to ask her upfront.

Jean thought it was a good time. Therefore, she mustered the courage and looked directly into his eyes. "I'm afraid that some people might hurt our relationship. Our marriage might be in danger. It just might fall off like a castle of cards,"

Jean said.

In fact, she couldn't tell Zed explicitly that Jesse was the villain in their relationship. After all, nothing bad had occurred so far. If she told him directly, Zed might be repelled by her worries and might think her accusations as false and baseless.

Zed stared into Jean's beautiful eyes and then, he gave a bitter smile.

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