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   Chapter 802 Be His Wife

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10890

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When Zed was stepping out of the car, he heard Jean's question. He grinned and urged, "Jean, let's walk inside. I need to rush to the dinner table because I am STARVING!"

"Oh, you haven't had dinner yet?" Jean asked with concern.

"I was too busy working the whole afternoon that I forgot," he explained, sighing.

"Oh dear. Let's hurry then. Yanni, don't just stand there. Let's all go inside. It's dinner time!" Jean turned her head and gazed at Yanni while she walked behind Zed.

"Jean, listen. I hope you would accept my apology..." Yanni stepped towards Jean and uttered with sincerity all over her eyes.

"Yanni, what are you doing? Why are you apologizing to me all of a sudden?" Jean stopped walking and turned around to her, puzzled.

Upon hearing their conversation, Zed paused. He already knew what Yanni was going to say so he stood silently by Jean and looked at both of them intently.

"Jean, I'm sorry that my staying here has brought a lot of troubles to you. I sincerely ask your forgiveness for my nonsensical actions during my stay. Please do accept my apology or I don't know what else I could do to gain your trust again," Yanni uttered softly while she bowed deeply in front of Jean.

Her abrupt move astonished Jean, leaving her mouth open widely. Then, Jean hurried in front of Yanni and helped her up. With a kind and sweet smile, Jean looked at her earnestly and comforted her, "I have no idea what you are talking about. You are a very important friend of Zed—that instantly makes you a really good friend of mine as well. What's done is done. You don't have to do this; not now, not ever. Okay, let's go! Zed and I can probably eat a whole cow right now. Dinner time!"

With a slight nod, Zed was extremely satisfied by how his wife handled the situation. He was amazed by her ability to waive all anger and hatred without beating an eyelash.

On Yanni's perspective, it took her a while to realize that Jean chose a wise way to neglect her excessive behavior and granted her forgiveness with a blink of an eye. Instantly, Yanni was ashamed for being rude and obtrusive during their first encounter.

Yanni was still frozen in place. Her mind was running wild so that she just stood there, dumbfounded.

"Hey, Yanni, what are you waiting for?" Zed gently patted her shoulder, trying to bring her back to the reality. The movement made her snap out of her thought. Then, she shifted her gaze on Zed.

"Zed, I..." She couldn't finished her sentence, and her face reddened with hesitancy.

"Whatever you have in mind right now, keep it there and don't say another word. Just like what Jean has said, 'what's done is done'. Let's go inside," Zed chucked as he tried to comfort her.

"Thank you, Jean. For being so kind despite what I have done. And you too, Zed," Yanni effused. The reason why Zed was so attracted to Jean was now very clear to her. Yanni took a deep breath and put a bright smile on her face. She then turned around and walked inside the house.

As Jean watched Yanni walk into the house, she leaned towards Zed and murmured to him, "Well, Yanni has seemed to take a liking for Wesley..."

"Of course! Look at her now. How else would she apologize to you like that? You know, the old Y

r in her voice. She looked concerned by the thought of putting Jean and her baby in danger.

Thinking of that sneaky woman, Jean smiled bitterly and stated, "Thank you for your reminder, Yanni. Last time, she had her way all because I neglected how horrible she could be. As for Zed, it was hard for him to truly believe that Jesse was obsessively attracted to him. That's why we have been through a lot to get to the same page. However, I can assure you that what has happened before won't happen again..."

"What makes you so confident about that? Even if Zed believes that Jesse is crazy about him, don't you think she will play the same trick again and pretend that she is the one being truly vulnerable and helpless in order to win Zed's attention?"

Yanni warned her again.

Jean paused for a moment, trying her best to process Yanni's words. Then, her eyes darkened, and her face turned into a grimace.

After a brief silence, Jean smiled bitterly. "I get what you're trying to say except for one thing... Why wouldn't Zed believe that Jesse has strong feelings towards him when her intentions have been so obvious already?"

"You will never wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep, Jean. It's not that Zed doesn't believe it. He was in denial of Jesse's affection and chose to keep it to himself. You have to understand that the reason behind everything was all because he intended to end the drama just so that he could make you stop worrying. And he didn't want to make others suffer either." Yanni took a deep sigh and added, "Zed makes himself look like he cares for no one, but actually, he is very caring. He probably even cares the people around him more than you do."

This was the first time ever for Jean to hear Yanni highly talk about Zed.

With what Yanni had said, Jean finally understood.

'If Zed wasn't so insistent on his consideration for others, things would've been much simpler, ' thought Jean.

"By all means, Jean. You have to keep your guard up and running when you get to Imperial City. It's not just for you, but also for Zed and the baby,"

Yanni warned her once again with worries written all over her face.

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