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   Chapter 799 He Loves You Too Much

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8878

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"My problem is that I didn't recognize my problem before. I kept on taking Zed as Kenneth's substitute. I focused all my emotions and feelings on Zed as if he were my life's endgoal. I was unable to control myself because I felt so lonely and sad. I thought that Zed would fall in love with me as Kenneth saved his life. He would care for me out of guilt. Therefore, when I was told that you are married, I couldn't wait to destroy your marriage.

I didn't want to lose my second chance at happiness. In my head, Zed was Kenneth and I was unwilling to share Kenneth with another woman. In the past five years, my reality and fancy have got badly mixed up. I can't tell the difference between them at all. Wesley perhaps sensed this right from the start of our friendship. Maybe that's why, he insisted on seeing me when he got to know that I was in China.

I told you the truth earlier today. I am not fully responsible for my social position and achievements. Wesley helped me a lot. He made great contributions. He has sacrificed everything, including his life. I was so scared when I saw him fallen on the ground, just a body oozing blood everywhere. My heart almost stopped beating. At that moment, I realized that Kenneth, my love has left me forever. He can never come back," Yanni said.

Overwhelmed by her confession, Yanni couldn't help but turn to the ward. She sadly looked at Wesley through the window, suffused with grief for whatever happened between her and Wesley lately.

Yanni's outpouring of emotions made Jean heave a deep sigh. She raised her head and turned to Yanni. "Yanni, don't be too sad. Wesley did this for you. He is dedicated towards helping you. The reason why he performed the hypnotism is because he wanted to help you move on. He didn't intend to hurt you. He wished you a happy life. But I have to be honest here. Erm… when Zed told me that you will be the chief surgeon, I was mortified. I didn't expect you to save his life..."

"No..." All of a sudden, Yanni looked so downcast that tears streamed down her face, soaking her collar and tearstained cheeks. She wept copiously, "I was the murderer! I had a fight with him and in a fit of rage, I pushed him on the road. If it were not me, he would have never been hit by that car. It's all my fault."

Zed and Jean were jolted to hear this shocking truth. Their eyes were wide open with surprise and distress.

After a long pause, Zed bitterly smiled thinking of the irony. He took a deep breath to draw in the courage to comfort Yanni. "You were having a big fight. You lost your temper. You didn't mean to hurt him. It was unfortunate and coincidental that he

said in a serious tone, "Everyone has a past. I can understand that you are unable to forget Kenneth. You always miss and love him. But I don't see that as a problem. Wesley loves you very much. He never gave up on you even though he knew your have someone else in your heart. He is a smart guy. Kenneth was just your past lover, not your whole life. You should move on.

As for me, it shouldn't bother you at all. You know that you don't love me. The reason why you wanted to get me is because Kenneth saved me. Staying with me could help you remember your relationship with Kenneth. I promise you that we will be friends forever. We are always friends no matter where you are."

Yanni was deeply touched as she heard Zed say words that rang honest and heart-felt. Her eyes were full of tears. "Zed, I'm moved."

"I was saying the truth," said Zed. Zed looked at Yanni with a smile. "Go for Wesley. Begin a new life with him and live a happy life. I believe that Wesley will love you and cherish you forever. You two will have a joyful life together."

After he was finished, Zed turned to the ward.

Yanni said nothing but looked at the ward window.

Just then, Wesley opened his eyes slowly and looked around. At the moment, he found them. At the sight of Yanni, the anxious and worried expression on his face disappeared. He slightly smiled at her.

Finally, Yanni had found her true love. And, it seemed that she would go all out to pursue her ray of sunshine.

Yanni too looked back at Wesley beaming and then smiled at Zed and Jean, nodding to them slightly. Then, she opened the door and came inside.

"Let's go!" When Yanni went inside the ward, Zed held Jean's hand and walked towards the gate of the hospital. They were ready to go back home.

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