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   Chapter 798 For My Own Good

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7607

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"Wesley will be all right!" Jean immediately said with confidence. "Didn't you see that Yanni was calmer than any of us were? She didn't panic at all. I'm sure she decided to perform the operation because she was confident it would work." She looked at Zed with a bright smile on her face.

Zed's eyes were irresistibly attracted by the confident smile on Jean's face, but he still wasn't very optimistic about it.

Having spent so many years in the army with Yanni, he really knew a lot about her temperament.

In fact, Yanni did not act the way she did because she was confident the operation would work. She was just the kind of person who was calmer and more composed when she encountered greater difficulties and barriers.

It was also because of her calmness that she would be able to conquer the medical barriers one by one, solve the difficulties one after another, and finally achieve today's achievements.

'Hopefully Wesley will survive this operation, ' Zed prayed in his mind.

The operation lasted eight hours. The next morning, Wesley lay in bed and was finally pushed out of the operating room.

Yanni's eyes were red from staying up all night. She took off her mask and came out, yawning widely.

Zed stood up quickly and walked towards her. "How's Wesley?" he asked with concern.

Before Yanni could answer, however, Harvey, who standing next to her, interjected excitedly, "The operation was successful, Zed. We were lucky to have Miss Yanni perform the majority of the operation. It wouldn't be such a success without her."

Upon hearing this, Zed could not help looking at Harvey.

Although Harvey had just finished a major operation, he looked as if he was not tired at all and his face was full of excitement.

After hearing that the operation had been successful, Zed felt relieved at once. "Well, now you know for yourself that Yanni is a great doctor," Zed teased his friend involuntarily.

"I... I didn't know she was..." Harvey blushed instantly, stammering with embarrassment.

"Zed," Yanni suddenly called out. Then, she cast a quick glance at Jean, who was sleeping on the bench not far away. Frowning, Yanni asked him, "Why don't you send Jean back first? Aren't you afraid she'll feel uncomfortable or catch a cold slee

e intensive care unit.

Wesley did not wake up because the narcotic's medicinal properties had not yet subsided.

So they could not visit him in the intensive care unit.

From a distance, Zed and Jean saw Yanni standing outside the ward, staring closely at Wesley inside.

"Yanni..." Zed went over and called her name.

Yanni, who was watching intently, turned around slowly. After seeing Zed and Jean, her face suddenly turned pale. It seemed that memories of last night were coming back to her again.

Jean noticed the change in Yanni's face and involuntarily said with some guilt, "I'm sorry, Yanni. Last night, we did something wrong to hurt you, but we didn't expect such a thing to happen..."

"Don't say that. I know you did it for my own good."

Yanni looked at Jean in silence for a long time. Finally, she sighed and continued, "If I hadn't seen Wesley fall in a pool of blood last night, I might still be stuck in that illusion I made up for myself and would never wake up. Before, in my heart, it always seemed that I could still feel Kenneth beside me. And all that time I thought that it was because of Zed."

Yanni showed a helpless smile.

Zed looked up at Yanni, feeling quite surprised.

It seemed that he was too insensitive. Over the years, he had not noticed Yanni's anomalies, not to mention that she had always regarded him as Kenneth.

Zed's heart ached at the thought of this.

If he had only known earlier, both Wesley and Yanni would probably not suffer like this.

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