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   Chapter 797 I Will Be The Chief Surgeon In This Operation

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7435

Updated: 2019-06-20 00:03

"Jean, relax. I don't know about Wesley, but even if you were to send Yanni into the jungle, she wouldn't get lost…"

As he was speaking, the cell phone kept on its holder suddenly rang.

Who would call at this hour?

Zed saw Yanni's name on the screen and was puzzled. 'Did Jean guess it right? Did they get lost?'

He deemed it not possible after a second thought. So he laughed at himself and pressed the connect button.

"Zed, Wesley has been run over by a car. We are somewhere 2km away from your house. Please call the brain specialists you know. We need to do a surgery on Wesley right now."

Yanni's voice was surprisingly calm on the other end of the line. Zed's face hardened hearing about the accident.

"Okay, I understand. I will get it done." After Zed hung up, he didn't pause to tell Jean. Without losing a minute, he flipped through his phone book to look up Harvey Tang, the brain specialist's number. He hastily dialled up for Harvey.

Jean watched with growing worry. She could tell something was wrong from Zed's grim expression.

But she didn't dare ask or disturb Zed.

Zed soon finished talking to Harvey and hung up. As he turned to look for Jean, he saw her bringing him a set of clean clothes.

Zed nodded at Jean in thanks. While changing clothes, he briefly said to her, "Wesley has had an accident. I have already contacted the doctor and arranged for his surgery. Jean, I know you are worried, but you are pregnant. So please stay home and wait for my call, okay?"

"Zed, please let me come with you," Jean said with a bitter smile. "If I don't come with you, I will anyway be sleepless with worry."

Zed looked at her helplessly, unable to bypass this truth.

Frankly, he was flurried and distracted at the moment. Leaving Jean alone at home would only make him more worried.

"Okay, Let's go together." Zed nodded at Jean. After getting dressed, he swiftly moved towards the door.

Jean didn't expect Zed to agree so soon. She followed him hurriedly as they headed to the parking lot.

After they got into the car, Jean asked, "How did Wesley have an accident?"

"I don't know exactly," Zed said and shook his head while driving. "But Yanni was very calm ther

ation room first and then he approached Zed and asked.

"Harvey, let me introduce…" Zed approached and said. "This is Yanni. She is a top-rated doctor just recognized by the World Brain Science Association, a person in authority in brain science. You must have read the article "The Close Relationship Between Brain Development And Medical Science". It was written by her. So she is the best surgeon for this operation."

"What? So you are the world-famous brain science authority, Miss Yanni? How can you be so young?" Harvey was astonished and he stared at Yanni in disbelief.

"The article was a collaboration between me and my boyfriend. We did the research together, which makes this our achievement. So you see… this surgery… I have to do it myself. I really hope you will cooperate with me."

Yanni looked at Harvey and earnestly requested him.

"Sure, sure." Harvey didn't tarry for a second now and readily agreed to start the needful.

Seeing Harvy and Yanni both going into the operation room, Zed and Jean felt slightly relieved.

The operation room door closed and the light was switched on.

As the surgery had begun, Jean turned to Zed and asked him in puzzlement, "Did you hear Yanni talk to the doctor? She kept saying Wesley was her boyfriend…"

"It looks like the accident has shaken Yanni up. I hope Wesley has the gods by his side and can survive the danger to his life, so that they can be real lovers,"

Zed said looking visibly emotional.

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