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   Chapter 796 Don't Scare Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8866

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Wesley wasn't ready to let Yanni go from his tight embrace. He held her locked in his arms and was panting with the effort.

Yanni felt crazy at being entrapped like this. She completely lost all control and stared back angrily into Wesley's eyes. "Let me go!"

"No!" Wesley refused her firmly. He looked into her eyes and continued, "I won't let you go unless you go back with me."

"Wesley, you are talking nonsense. Just let me go!" Yanni's blood was boiling at Wesley for trying to arm-twist her. She threatened him in malice, "If you irritate me anymore, I will no longer be your friend. Wesley, I warn you, I will never see you in the future."

This was a slap in the face for Wesley. Sweat went down his cheeks and a sudden downcast look appeared on his face. He looked at Yanni with a bitter smile. "Yanni, what an awful thing to say! Yanni, how can you say that to me? How cruel you are!"

"I am cruel? Then what about you? You worked so hard to dig up my past and then forced me to face my tragic experience. Did it ever cross your mind that you might be scabbing at my old wounds? Nobody knows how deeply sad I am on the inside! None of you care for me. The only choice I have is to put my feelings on Zed and fantasize our good future. I need to keep calm and the pain at bay, or else I just might get shattered. But why did you do this to me? You destroyed my fancy and now I have to live with a broken dream," said Yanni.

Wesley looked at her in dismay. He looked into Yanni's eyes and sincerely apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't know that you've been hurt so much. I had no idea of your agonizing past. I would have never done that to you if I had known what you went through. I'm sorry..."

"Wow, you think of apologizing to me now, huh? Now? When I feel all exposed and naked? Now you know how hurtful I feel! Why didn't you think of this in the first place? What were you thinking?" Yanni asked in a shaking voice.

Yanni was livid. She just couldn't accept his apology because Wesley thought of 'now' being a convenient time. She was so resentful that she wasn't going to relent and forgive him.

"However bitter this might sound to you, Yanni, I don't regret what I have done tonight. Although I didn't want to hurt you and feel sorry about what you went through, I can't allow you to live this way! This will just lead to more pain someday. You have a mental illness. Yanni, listen to me. If you are reluctant to leave Zed, you will not only hurt yourself, but also destroy Zed's marriage. This will destroy your life.

You are a kind woman and I refuse to believe that you want to make them unhappy. You are a young a

arted taking in everything clearly. She tore a piece of her dress and bandaged Wesley's bleeding head. Her eyes scanned his body quickly to see if there were any more wounds on him.

The young man stood aside, completely freaked out and speechless. Within seconds, he too lost all energy and passed out on the road.

Furious, Yanni didn't even raise her head when the young man fell down. She didn't care at all.

Instead, she kept on checking Wesley's body carefully.

'Fortunately, his body is not seriously hurt.

But there is a severe wound on his head, ' thought she.

Yanni was so frazzled that she didn't care to clean the blood on her hands. In a second, she took out her phone and called Zed.

All that while, at home, Zed sighed and looked at Jean. An inexplicable worry nagged Jean. She wondered where Yanni and Wesley were. Zed had tried his best to comfort her, but it didn't work at all. There was a serious look on her face. Zed didn't know what to do now. He had to leave her alone.

Soon later, Zed took his pajamas out of his wardrobe and went into the bathroom to change.

A wide-awake Jean tossed and turned in bed and then got up to get some air in the balcony. Perhaps, she could spot them from there?

But, it was too dark outside. Squinting her eyes in the dark, Jean tried her best to make out what was in front of her. There was no one outside. Besides, she couldn't hear any human noise.

The quiet night made Jean all the more anxious. She felt uneasy and her worry increased.

When Zed came out of the bathroom, Jean walked towards him quickly and said, "Zed, let's go out and look for them! Yanni and Wesley are unfamiliar with the area. I'm afraid that they might have got lost and can't find their way back home."

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