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   Chapter 795 I Just Want Kenneth

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8305

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"Kenneth... Zed..." Yanni just repeated her answers subconsciously.

Jean's face went pale. She stared anxiously at Yanni who seemed to be deeply asleep. In contrast, Yanni's face was filled with serenity.

'Wesley could have been wrong about Yanni.

Maybe Yanni does like Zed.

Since Yanni is lost in hypnosis, there is no way she can lie right now, ' Jean thought.

"Whom do you love more, Kenneth or Zed?" asked Wesley as tiny beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead. Obviously, he hadn't expected such an answer.

Jean was sure that if Wesley went too nervous, he would lose control of Yanni, and their effort for tonight would go in vain. They shouldn't fail as they had got so close to the answer. So close!

Jean hurried towards Wesley, took out a piece of tissue quickly and wiped the sweat off Wesley's face gently. She then gave him a comforting smile.

Wesley understood and nodded to her before taking a deep breath to calm himself down.

How strange it was to see a doctor in psychology who got anxious like an inexperienced young boy.

He must have known clearly that Yanni didn't like him at all.

But why was he still so upset after hearing it himself?


It took longer for Yanni to utter out her answer this time.

Suddenly, Yanni's eyebrows got raised into a perfect furrow, and her eyeballs rolled acutely. Apparently, she was hesitating to answer. There existed an undeniable possibility that Zed's name would come out of her mouth again.

Zed, Jean and Wesley all held their breath in absolute anticipation. They waited for a minute, but Yanni chose to remain silent. A while later, they let out a long sigh of relief.

"How much do you love Kenneth? Do you love him more than Zed?" Wesley had already recovered from his troubled state of mind. He continued to ask questions to Yanni, calmly.

"Yes. I love him very, very much." Yanni suddenly trembled in deep sorrow. It seemed as if she would begin to weep any moment from then. "But he has left me... He abandoned me... And I couldn't find him... I couldn't find him anywhere..."

"Kenneth's gone, Yanni. He is in heaven now," Wesley said. His eyes seemed to be overwhelmed with love. "Turn around and look at this bright beautiful world, Yanni. There are many people who love you besides Kenneth. A whole lot many, Yanni. Just move on. Forget about Kenneth, will you?"

"No... I just want Kenneth..."

Yanni cried with her face expressing her deep laden pain

s didn't work? Yanni said she loved Kenneth most. You heard it too."

"Yes, I did. But Yanni didn't admit that. That's not what we had hoped for," argued Jean.

"Don't worry. We've got Wesley. Without him, we wouldn't even know who Yanni actually loved. Besides, I bet you don't know it, but Wesley cares about Yanni. He cares a lot about her. So, trust me. It only took Wesley one day to figure out Yanni's problem and come up with a possible solution. I believe he can cure Yanni in no time as well."

Zed had a fair and legitimate point. Jean agreed silently, but still kept her eyes fixed on the gate where Yanni and Wesley had left cruised out a while ago. An eerie silence prevailed for a while.

Both of them had vanished into thin air apparently. Jean wondered if Wesley had got caught up with Yanni.

"Everything will be OK. It's getting cold at night. Let's go. Believe me, tomorrow we will get to know about everything," said Zed gently. He embraced Jean in his arms.

Jean felt rather surprised. She lifted her head and asked Zed, "You don't look worried at all. That's totally unlike you, Zed..."

"Sure. I've nothing to worry about. I am confident about Wesley," said Zed, smiling cheerfully.

"All right..." Jean nodded. But in fact, she was miles away from attaining Zed's level of confidence in Wesley.

When they were walking back into the house, Jean couldn't help turning back every now and then. Perhaps she was looking out for Yanni's shadow that might be chasing them.

Meantime, Wesley was chasing Yanni all the way. He didn't catch up with Yanni until he had got at least two kilometers away from Zed's house.

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