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   Chapter 794 Zed's Help

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8365

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They had an elaborate discussion and jotted down a detailed plan. After that, Wesley went upstairs to take some much needed rest.

Since he was undergoing a serious episode of jetlag, he was really exhausted.

Moreover, he was going to perform a hypnotherapy which would require a lot of energy and physical strength.

As a result, he badly needed some rest.

As for Jean, she was worried. She couldn't wait to conduct the treatment on Yanni. Wesley understood her position on the matter.

No woman would ever be willing to share her husband with another woman.

By the time the supper got over, it was already 9 o'clock.

All of them sat by the table in fine fettle. They wrapped up with their dinner quickly.

As Yanni was to stand up and leave, Zed stopped her.

"Yanni, I want to talk to you," he said. Zed stood up and approached her slowly. Although Yanni was still mad at Wesley and in a bad mood, she decided against depicting it at the moment.

When she heard Zed address her, Yanni looked at him with great shock. She couldn't believe her ears. As a result, she turned her attention over to Jean.

On the other hand, Jean was having a joyful conversation with Wesley. She was so happy that it seemed that she didn't notice Zed or Yanni at all.

Noticing that, Yanni smiled lightly and then nodded to Zed.

After a short while, both of them walked towards the yard outside.

When they disappeared, Jean kept her palm on her chest and said to Wesley, "I was so scared when Yanni turned back to me! It seemed as my heart skipped a beat or two. Fortunately, I acted reflexively and didn't look directly into her eyes. Otherwise, my eyes would have betrayed me."

"I know you wouldn't let that happen. You are a smart woman," complimented Wesley. He looked at Jean with a smile.

"Okay, let's leave and take care of the necessary preparations!" Jean urged Wesley as she smiled back a him.

"Okay." Wesley agreed and both of them went upstairs.

After a while, Wesley showed up with a sand clock and a pocket watch.

"Well, is there anything else?" Jean doubted if Wesley had left something else. Her face appeared to be in great shock as she looked at Wesley.

'How is it possible? How can a sand clock and a pocket watch help a fully conscious person become hypnotized? Seriously?' Jean wondered.

"No, they are all I need," Wesley replied earnestly. After he was done, he went outside.

Jean said nothing. She followed him immediately and went to the yard

Yanni nervously.

Jean walked towards Yanni with Zed.

Now, the anger and sadness on Yanni's face had disappeared. At the moment, she was watching the shaky pocket watch with a dull look on her face. Her eyes dimmed and she was staring at the watch closely.

As time passed by, Yanni finally closed her eyes and lost all her consciousness. She was about to fall on to the ground.

However, Wesley supported her and moved her to a deck chair with Zed's help.

Wesley gazed at Yanni as he pushed open the sand clock.

"Shall we leave?" Zed couldn't help but look for a reason to flee because he couldn't take this anymore.

"No, you can stay here. Watch this by yourselves and you might be able to comprehend her mental problem," Wesley replied. He turned his undivided attention to Yanni and asked, "What's your name? How old are you?"

"My name is Yanni. I'm 28 years old,"

Yanni answered the question calmly. Her eyes remained closed. At the moment, she acted much like a puppet. She would answer every questions proposed by Wesley.

When Yanni answered all questions correctly, Wesley nodded his head with satisfaction. Then, he continued to ask the question in a serious tone, "Who do you love the most?"

"I love Kenneth the most..."

Yanni replied. Jean felt much relieved when she heard the answer.

"...I love Zed," Yanni said.

Somehow, Yanni changed her answer. Wesley, Zed and Jean were shocked beyond their wits. Their faces changed dramatically. They weren't expecting this debacle during the hypnosis.

"Who is your favorite? Kenneth or Zed?" Wesley didn't stop. He looked at Yanni with a confused and pitiful expression.

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