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   Chapter 793 Hypnotherapy

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7310

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"I'm afraid the facts correspond exactly to your suspicions. Wesley received some urgent requests from Yanni at the airport. Pretending to be her boyfriend temporarily was one of them. Wesley questioned Yanni regarding the problems associated. Yanni failed to hide her emotions and thus Wesley detected the truth. Of course the main reason was that he knew Yanni pretty well. Moreover, he was also a doctor of psychology."

"Wow…" Jean exclaimed with admiration. "It's a matter arousing no wonder that as soon as he saw Yanni, he detected the problem. He is really a specialist in reading people's mind."

Zed's expression was awkward when he heard Jean rendering words of appraisal for Wesley.

He felt awful inside. 'Why couldn't I listen to them when so many people reminded me of the problem?'

"Jean, I am sorry. I didn't listen to your…" Zed looked at Jean and stammered.

"It is okay. It is not too late to know that," said Jean, with a smile on her face. "Since Wesley told you what the problem was, did he tell you whether Yanni could be cured or not?"

Zed was her own husband. He being used by another woman, even though as a substitute only, made her very uncomfortable.

"No, he just said he would think of a solution; all that he needed was time. And he said I was the key to the problem, and he might need to use me at any time. So he asked me to have a good talk with you first…"

Zed blurted out with hesitation.

"Sure, you have to cooperate with him." Jean nodded at Zed. "You'd better call Grandpa first. Under these circumstances, I really doubt if we can go to Imperial Capital now."

Zed nodded in agreement and said, "Okay."

He was struggling to hide his surprise at Jean's casual response to his earlier question.

He hadn't expected Jean to agree without a moment of hesitation.

Jean read his mind and understood his puzzlement. She smiled and explained, "Are you surprised that I agreed so soon? Even after Yanni did so many things that crossed the line? It is not that I am so magnanimous. I just don't want Yanni to still have liking for you. As a woman, I can be generous on anything except for my husband. I am mean and stingy when i

deep in their hearts. When they are asleep, I will guide them to see the truth and accept the reality slowly and comfortably…"

Wesley explained to them with a smile.

"Really? I thought those shows on TV were all fake." Jean was shocked and looked at Wesley with awe. "I thought they made it up for a jump in their business."

"Some are real, some are fake." Wesley chuckled. "There are indeed a lot of magic in the world."

"Amazing!" Jean laughed and said. "Whatever, we may just have to try it. We will only know if it's effective in this specific case if we give it a shot. Timing is crucial. And Yanni isn't in a good mood at the moment. It is best to have Zed handle it. Wesley, you must be exhausted after a long flight. You take some rest during the afternoon. Let's do it this evening!"

"So quickly? Can't we probably wait for a while before we take a headlong decision." Zed was surprised and looked at Jean hoping for a positive response.

"It is definitely more dangerous to delay this for one more day," Jean explained. "We all hope we can cure Yanni as soon as possible, don't we? And just now Wesley mentioned that it won't be easy to cure it in a short period of time."

Zed understood what she meant and nodded in agreement.

'She is right. If Yanni can be cured sooner, then Jean and I won't have to carry this emotional baggage along with us.

Kenneth, please help Yanni to get better if you are watching from heaven.'

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