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   Chapter 792 Her Mental Sickness

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8593

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"I know that you won't leave me and our baby. But I don't know...I feel a bit weird and uneasy after that dream I had," with a heavy sigh, Jean explained seriously what she was feeling.

"Well, don't think about it too much," Zed said in an attempt to comfort Jean. As they climbed downstairs hand in hand, Zed planted a kiss on her forehead. "Let's just talk about it after we eat lunch, okay? Maybe you'll feel better about it."

As Zed said that, he turned his head around to check if Wesley and Yanni were behind them. There was no one there. Wesley must have still been in Yanni's room. With that, Zed leaned and whispered to Jean, "Wesley told me something about Yanni. She has been sufferring from some sort of sickness. I'll tell you about it after lunch."

Jean was shocked upon hearing this piece of amazing and sensational news.

She was about to ask Zed something when they heard a door behind them open. Footsteps soon approached them. Jean said nothing more, giving Zed a prompt nod.

Yanni came out of the room with Wesley, pulling a long face. As soon as she walked out of their room, she saw Zed going downstairs with Jean hand in hand intimately.

At the sight of this, Yanni's face got grumpier.

Wesley also noticed Zed and Jean were walking down the stairs. As he looked back and discerned Yanni's unpleasant look, he reached out and gently patted her on her shoulder to appease her.

The sight of the sweet couple made Yanni's thoughts run wild. Fortunately, Wesley's touch made her come back to her senses. Immediately, she forced herself to dispel her sadness on her face and walked faster downstairs.

Upon hearing loud steps coming towards them, Zed couldn't help but look back. He saw Yanni walking quickly. With a smile, he greeted her right away, "Yanni..."

Yanni did not stop walking. She did not even greet Zed back or look at him. To his surprise, she even rashly walked past Zed and Jean, right in between them.

Because of this, Zed and Jean, who had been walking hand in hand, had no choice but to let go of each other so that Yanni could pass by.

Yanni's indifference embarrassed Zed. He lightly rustled his hair with his hand, and cast a sidelong glance at Jean.

Closely behind them, Wesley sighed and whispered to Jean and Zed in a low voice, "Yanni is kind of in a bad mood right now. I hope you two don't mind that!"

"Wesley, did you two get into a fight?" Jean asked in bewilderment and confusion.

"Yeah, you can put it that way!" Wesley said and heaved a deep sigh as he walked into the dining room.

eels quite assured about what you think about her, and this made it easy for her to disguise herself. She was so certain to have her plan executed smoothly, but she was unmasked by Wesley, which was unbelievable and unacceptable for her. Anyway, we have to give her time and patiently wait for her recovery."

"Jean, I still can't figure out what you mean," replied Zed, who still seemed rather confused.

As Jean noticed his confused look, Jean involuntarily sighed deeply and explained further, "I meant if Yanni really loves you, she couldn't have acted so rashly to clearly express her attitudes and standpoints as soon as she arrived here."

Zed's brows furrowed as he found it extremely difficult to figure out what women were really thinking in their minds.

"A woman will leave herself a way out in front of or behind the man she loves if she really shows great affection for him," Jean further explained, as she found that Zed was still thinking hard with a tight frown. At last, she couldn't help signing, "No matter if you believe what one says or not, as time passes by, you will hear the same words again and choose to believe them.

For so many years, Yanni has been shifting her love for Kenneth to you. She came here to find you with great joy and hope, but she never thought that you had gotten married. As she realized that you didn't belong to her anymore, she was irritated so much that she acted so rashly. The stronger her wishes were to have you, the greater the fear in her heart was to lose you."

With that, Zed let out a sigh.

Before he could say anything, Jean asked in confusion, "Since Yanni disguised herself that well, how did Wesley find out what she was thinking?"

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