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   Chapter 790 How Can I Forget Zed

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"Yanni, forget Zed! This feeling inside you needs to go now. Or else it needs to stay in your heart forever. It has no place in the outside world, let alone in Zed's heart. Let bygones be bygones. You need to concentrate on your present and build a future, stop dwelling on the past,"

Wesley persuaded her with utmost sincerity.

"How can I forget?" Yanni broke down mumbling these words, trying to smother the pain that was welling up inside her. Her chest heaved with sobs and she shook her head. With a determined look, she said, "You cannot know how it feels to be extremely desperate and hurt. It had driven me to the end of hopelessness. It was pitch dark around me, so much so that my eyes hurt to even look at this much of blackness. I was gasping for breath and struggling to stand upright. I thought I was ready to die in a deep sleep of ache and nothingness. But then Zed shook me awake. He looked into my eyes anxiously, hoping for me to come back to life.

And when he embraced me all excited and trembling, my heart lurched back in hope. I was ready to give up on life, but it was Zed who pulled me back. He made me feel as if my life was more important than his own. Wesley, can you understand that feeling? At that time, I had crossed the line that divides life and death. My heart, my soul, had surrendered to desperation and I didn't want to come back. If it hadn't been for Zed, I would have never had the courage to live on.

More importantly, Zed was saved by Kenneth. Through Zed, I still feel Kenneth's warmth and affection for me. So how can I forget Zed? How can I forget?"

Wesley was taken aback by Yanni's revelation. He gaped at Yanni in disbelief as she kept on talking in a daze.

All this time, Wesley had assumed Yanni's affection as a kind of obsession for Zed, but he never expected there to be another reason.

Taking in Yanni, all hysterical and tense, Wesley felt her deep sorrow.

She might be pathetic and hateful as a person, but the tragedy that she had experienced made Wesley feel real sorry for her.

Wesley gently shook his head to clear the haze his thoughts were in. He quietly walked up to Yanni and said in a soft voice, "All right, it's all over. Don't think too much about it. But... Yanni, have you ever thought that you might not love Zed, but still love Kenneth? Maybe you just want to find his likeness in Zed."

Yanni's eyes lit up with indignation and she replied in a quite angry tone, "Do you take me for a mad woman, Wesle

ver think that Yanni could fall in love with you?"


It turns out all of Jean's fears are real and true!'

After hearing Wesley confirm Jean's worst fears, somehow all of Zed's naive denials of Yanni being smitten by him collapsed. Zed immediately believed him.

'But why didn't I believe in Jean, Moore, and Avery before?

All three of them felt it. Why didn't I still believe it?' Zed felt that his views had become prejudiced.

"No, I can't accept it. just get it wrong?" Zed looked at Wesley in disbelief and asked.

'Even with so many people believing it and Wesley's face-to-face explanations, why do I still feel that this is unlikely to happen?' Zed felt conflicted now.

"Well, you think I get it wrong? Or do you have another idea?" Wesley looked at Zed and asked.

"I just think of Yanni as my friend, or rather my late friend Kenneth's girlfriend. I took care of her just to fulfill Kenneth's obligations. I never thought Yanni would..."

"Wait... You just said Kenneth has already..." Wesley looked at Zed thoughtfully.

"Yes, he died to save me," Zed said this with deep sorrow. "If it weren't for him, I would have died at the time. So I just feel guilty about Yanni. I always wanted to make up to her and make her happy. But after Kenneth's death, the sunshine in Yanni's life also disappeared.

Her body recovered, but her mind was mostly depressed. The fact that she has been pursuing her medical research with dogged enthusiasm makes me think that that is her sole source of hope. Plus, when she introduced you as her boyfriend, I was doubly happy,"

Zed said this with a helpless smile on his face.

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