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   Chapter 788 Coming For You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9343

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"A nice woman? No, that's just an illusion. Jean just pretends to be an easy-going woman. She is anything but that." Yanni was too livid to let Wesley Li continue sharing his favorable opinion of Jean. Worked up, Yanni said with a bitter smile, "It was my fault. I didn't plan to come back to H city until a few days ago when I finally finished research work. I only knew Zed's office's address so I decided to head there straight from the airport. This is why Jean learned about me after I met Zed. Indignant at us meeting like this, Jean too came directly to his workplace and asked Zed who I am. Angry as she was, she didn't even deem me fit for an audience.

Later, Zed invited me to move into their house as a guest. Although she sounded all welcoming about this, I could tell that she was very unhappy at the time. She pretended to say that she was happy to have me in their house, but then as soon as Zed was not around them, she immediately showed her true colors. Rude and brisk, Jean was anything but a cordial host, Wesley. Jean made me feel so undesired in their midst that she even warned me to stay away from Zed..."

"If this is the case, Yanni, why do you still want to stay here?" Wesley Li lovingly looked at her sad pretty face and asked with a riddled expression.

"Wesley, we have known each other for almost two years till now. You know that the most important thing for me is not the research. I don't want to be famous for it, nor am I working towards getting a big, fat bonus. But now everything is just too late. It's all my fault. I was too careless to focus on nothing but the research. I wasted three years doing it and lost my most precious love... "

Yanni couldn't bear to carry on any further. She couldn't help but cry out her heartbreak.

Wesley's heart sank seeing Yanni cry so pathetically.

He tentatively stretched his arms and then embraced Yanni reassuringly. "I know how you feel, Yanni," he said softly. "Stop crying. If Zed were to see you this sad, he would think that I was bullying you. The reality has changed, Yanni. He's married to another woman, which is why you should just forget him!"

"I do want to forget him, but in my heart, I have loved him for way too long. It is just not easy for me to do this. I just need some time, Wesley. When I was bound to come here, all that was on my mind was my forgotten love. Now that it is near impossible for me and Zed to be together, I want to salvage this trip and myself by leaving with some good memories. Wesley, will you please accompany me? I need a week at most and I promise you that I'll leave after that."

Yanni stepped back extracting herself from Wesley's arms to look into his eyes with a deep earnest expression.

Wesley looked back at Yanni's unhappy face. Although he was d

f she lost Wesley, what would she have with her in the end?

For the first time, Yanni felt confused.

In the past, her goal was very clear.

She had been devoting herself to her research and had planned to look for Zed as soon as the research result was out.

Now that she had achieved great success in her research work, she was all lost when it came to Zed...

In fact, it was all out of question.

'No, there must be a way... ' Yanni thought.

There suddenly showed a firm expression on Yanni's face, and her eyes were sharply fixed on the second floor.

'I still have a week left, and I believe that I will make Zed fall in love with me, ' Yanni thought with determination.

Back in the bedroom, Jean yawned sleepily.

Zed stood behind her and saw the exhausted expression on her face. He then gave out a helpless sigh and said, "I've told you that Yanni already has a boyfriend. But you were still reluctant to believe my words, and even followed me to check whether it was true or not. What about the result? Have you seen it yourself now? If you had believed me earlier, you would not have been so tired right now. Take some good rest!"

Zed walked up behind Jean to gently massage her shoulders.

Jean closed her eyes, feeling quite comfortable by Zed's touch. Still, a mocking smile played on her lips.

'Zed, you big fool.

Do you really believe that Wesley is Yanni's boyfriend?

If you believe her, then you are really naive.

Although Yanni and Wesley seem to know each other very well, I'm sure that Wesley is by no means Yanni's boyfriend.

Didn't you feel the tension between them on the way back? ' thought Jean angrily.

"All right. Now that you have met her boyfriend, you should let it be. Don't mess around anymore in the future! They are our guests now. You have to give them some privacy, okay?" said Zed.

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