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   Chapter 787 My Boyfriend

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6490

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It was a good thing.

Zed didn't seem to notice the growing tension.

Jean took a deep breath and then smiled sweetly.

"This is Wesley, my boyfriend," Yanni said, grinning at Wesley.

Filled with surprise, Jean blinked as she tried to compose herself.

She couldn't believe what Yanni had just said.

For a second, she was frozen in shock. When she looked at the supposed couple, Yanni was looking into Wesley's eyes like a woman deeply in love.

On top of that, the look she gave him looked... real. No. No way.

Jean still couldn't believe Yanni. Unconvinced, she looked at Wesley.

However, much to Jean's disappointment, Wesley was looking at Yanni with an equally loving smile.

Wesley, on the other hand, was recalling the moment they were making their way to the cafe. Yanni was unnaturally enthusiastic when she met him.

His doubts were reaffirmed when Yanni discreetly whispered to him when Zed and Jean weren't looking, asking him to act like her boyfriend.

Yanni's words stroked Wesley from the heavens straight down to hell.

It only proved that all of Yanni's efforts were to ask Wesley for a favor and act as if they were a real couple.

At that moment, Wesley remembered that Yanni mentioned that she had a boyfriend.


With that, he had realized on his own who the other man and woman were.

But it didn't make sense for Wesley, as he was thinking that Zed was Yanni's boyfriend.

Why would Zed be with another woman now?

Besides, earlier on, that woman sat on the passenger's seat beside Zed, which must have meant that they were pretty close to each other.

What was going on exactly?

Why did Yanni ask him to pretend to be her boyfriend?

"Nice to meet you," Wesley greeted with a smile, looking at Zed and Jean.

With a deep breath and wide smile, Yanni continued, "This is my friend, Zed... and his wife, Jean."

Wesley was stunned. Unthinkingly, he gawked at Zed.

is right after we met."

"Don't say that." In truth, Wesley didn't mind at all. It was just that he was really confused at what was happening. He shook his head and added, "I just don't understand. Isn't Zed your boyfriend? What is going on?"

"I was careless. I devoted myself into my research and chose to stay in the United States. Naturally, Zed and I split. But when I realized I made a mistake, he was already married." Breaking into sobs, Yanni tried to explain to Wesley her whole ordeal.

She looked so regretful just then.

"Forget it. It's already done," he comforted, walking over to Yanni to pat her shoulder softly.

"I didn't want Zed to see me upset. That's why I asked you to act as my boyfriend. I have lost the love of my life. I can't afford to lose my self-esteem as well."

Tears streamed down Yanni's face.

"I understand now. Yanni, just tell me what I need to do. I promise I'll do it." With much determination, Wesley made his vow to Yanni.

"Thank you, Wesley," she said with a sniff. Yanni turned to face the large house and sighed. "I hope my last days around him will be happy," she added in a sad tone. "But you know, he has a wife now. That's why I need you around in case his wife is on to me."

"Do you mean Jean? She looks nice enough..."

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