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   Chapter 786 Not Give Up

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However, it was too late. She had no choice now.

If Jean was the girl who saved Zed, Yanni didn't have a chance with him.


She was not going to give up!

She had abandoned everything so that she could have the chance to be with Zed.

No matter how much Zed loved Jean, she was determined to fight for her own happiness.

At the thought of this, Yanni managed to calm herself down slowly, hiding what she truly felt inside.

Seeing Yanni's changed expression, Jean's face fell with great shock.

'Wow! She's amazing, isn't she! She can control her emotions well.

I thought she would lose her temper if she found out the news. But now, she looks so calm. Obviously, I have underestimated her, ' thought Jean.

"Congratulations, Zed," said Yanni, turning to Zed with a big smile. She looked at Zed's face and continued,"You had been working so hard to find her. Hard work does pay off. It must have been so hard to find her, right?"

"Yeah, definitely. I almost gave up, to be honest. However, I felt really depressed and bad when I was about to give up. As a result, I really had no choice but find her. Finally, I did," said Zed. After that, he turned to look at Jean with utmost love and tenderness.

Jean was in such a shock that she couldn't believe her ears.

Previously, Zed had confessed to her that it took several years to find her.

Jean was deeply moved by it.

However, there was a different feeling when she heard what Yanni said.

She was filled with sweetness, warmth and...pride!

Obviously, he had never lied to his friends about his personal life. All of his friends knew about her.

It satisfied her vanity so greatly.

A feeling of satisfaction was all over Jean's face.

'Yanni, I don't think you'll try and destroy our marriage at this point, right?' Jean thought, sneering inwardly.

Her gaze went over to Yanni. Then, she saw that Yanni was watchi

an tell that they are definitely not a couple. Does he have a crush on Yanni then?

If he likes her, I might be able to help him. Then, my problem will be perfectly solved.

Wesley is an excellent man. And it looks like Yanni doesn't exactly despise him or anything like that!

They've been talking and laughing the entire time. They look like old friends, ' thought Jean.

All of a sudden, she was full of hope. Finally, her problem was going to be solved.

Soon later, they stopped in a coffee shop. They found a quiet, little corner, and sat down.

"Oh I'm sorry. I haven't introduced you guys properly yet," Yanni said to Wesley with a smile.

When she heard Yanni, Jean couldn't help but feel nervous. She raised her head and looked at Yanni with a big smile.

'How will she introduce me and Zed?

And will she say that Wesley's her boyfriend?

Will she do that in Wesley's face?' Jean thought.

Her curious and nervous gaze fell on Yanni.

Upon seeing Jean's look, Yanni smiled.

As soon as she did, Jean's cheeks turned red, making her lower her head slightly. 'My god! Why did she look at me that way? Does she already know what I'm thinking?'

At the thought of that, Jean stole a glance at Zed. He was looking at Wesley with a friendly smile.

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