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   Chapter 785 Enjoy Your Moment

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8235

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He had assumed that Jean didn't believe Yanni.

It seemed that Jean just wanted to tell Yanni in person and apologize to her, by the way.

Thinking of that, Zed put on a pleasing smile towards Jean.

Yanni's face darkened when she heard Jean's words and realized that Zed was pleased with Jean.

Yanni clenched her teeth and glared at Jean with resent in her eyes.

Damn it!

Yanni hadn't expected that Zed would have revealed everything to Jean. She also hadn't accounted for the possibility that Jean would take advantage of that.

She believed that Jean would know for sure whether that was really her boyfriend.


Yanni couldn't tell how regretful she was at the moment.

Now she finally understood why Jean showed up so early and said that.

Jean didn't intend to stop Zed from going with her. Instead, she was trying to accompany them.

'What the hell! Now what?

Everything will be exposed if Jean comes along with us.

It will be a mess for me to clean up then.

What can I do now?'

Not able to figure out an ideal method, Yanni panicked.

Noticing that Yanni refused to react to her words, Jean reckoned that she had her first fruitful victory against Yanni.

Jean wouldn't waste such a good chance to corner Yanni. So she held onto Zed's sleeve and said with a pitiful expression, "Zed, I don't think Yanni is ever going to forgive me."

Seeing Jean's sad face made Zed feel distressed at once.

He turned to Yanni but only to find that Yanni was lost in her world of wild endless thoughts.

It looked as if Yanni didn't hear Jean's words clearly and her mind was elsewhere. Zed had no idea what Yanni was thinking about but he didn't care about it at the moment. He only wanted to soothe Jean up right now.

"Don't think too much," he said, patting Jean's hand slightly. And then he looked at Yanni and asked, "Yanni, what's wrong?"

Upon hearing Zed call her name, Yanni looked up hastily. When she saw that Zed was looking at her with concern, she couldn't help but put on a smile and shook her head as she replied, "Nothing serious."

"Good. Let's rest for a few minutes. Then, we can leave. It'll be your novel attempt in meeting him. So you'd better leave him with a good impression," Zed stressed.

"Sure." Yanni had come to terms with her current situation since she could do nothing to change the situation except to accept it.

Fortunately, she didn't do the blunder of

e into thin air as she heard Zed concur to Jean's statement.

She had known that Zed couldn't forget that girl. It was hardly a secret to anyone who knew them closely.

They all knew how great effort Zed had done in order to find that girl.

Yanni had thought he would never find that girl since he had looked for her for so many years and his efforts had gone in vain.

But who would have known...

Yanni was crying silently as she found it difficult to come to terms with the stark reality that was staring at her.

She had known that Zed had feelings for that girl but she had believed that Zed wouldn't find the girl since he didn't have any clue whatsoever.

Therefore, she got relaxed and devoted herself into her research so that she could accomplish great achievements in her career and then proceed in pursuit of the other things through the rest of her life.

That was why she hadn't given a damn about Jesse despite she having learnt that Jesse was pursuing Zed relentlessly. Yanni was sure that the girl Zed had been looking for meant too much to him and he wouldn't compromise with Jesse.

Yanni also knew that the girl was Zed's true love and he would take no woman else as his life partner.

Even if it was someone as close to him as Jesse.

Nonetheless, he finally found his dream!

He found her!

And they got married and loved each other so much.

Yanni was heartbroken at the moment. Her despair knew no bounds. She found solace in silence as she carefully speculated what her next steps should be. She drew no conclusion but a blank in her mind. Her life seemed vacuum all of a sudden.

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