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   Chapter 783 Relax

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7454

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Even before, Jean was already worrying that Yanni might go to Imperial Capital with her and Zed. She had purposefully mentioned it, thinking that it was better to get herself prepared in advance. Whether or not Yanni was really here to meet her boyfriend, Jean still felt uneasy.

"Do you think it's such a good idea to bring Yanni to Imperial Capital with us?" Jean asked as she turned to look at Zed. Then she added, "She is here to see her boyfriend, not to get a tour. Besides, we're going to Imperial Capital to visit your grandpa and parents. It will be so boring for her."

"You are right. How about this? I'll ask her what she thinks after we see her boyfriend tomorrow," Zed said, nodding his head in agreement with Jean.

For all the years Zed had known Yanni, he was well aware that she got annoyed when she got bored.

"Don't tell her that we are going to Imperial Capital yet. Or else she might think that we are driving her away," Jean reminded.

In truth, Jean was more worried that if Yanni found out that they were going to Imperial Capital, she might go with them without thinking twice about it.

It was a good thing that Jean came up with that excuse so that Zed wouldn't find out.

"All right, I got it," he replied, thinking that what Jean had just said was for Yanni's good.

Cupping his hand on Jean's face, Zed said in a tender but mocking voice, "Okay. Are you relaxed now?"

Relaxed? Or more worried?

If Yanni was really here to see her boyfriend, then why had she said those things earlier? It didn't look like a joke at all, did it?

Yanni should know that any woman wouldn't really appreciate a joke like that, but she still did it anyway. It seemed that either Yanni was stupid enough to make such a mistake or she really intended to say what she meant.

It was hard to think that a young, PhD holder like her would be as careless and air-headed.

The truth was obvious, and Jean was sure of it.

Yanni was here for Zed, definitely.

What was Yanni planning when she invited Zed to meet her boyfriend with her tomorrow?

Although Jean couldn't figure it out yet, she could be sure that Yanni was much more cunning than she had expected.

"Jean, you know y

got a point. I won't tell him anything. All I can do now is pray for you silently." Tina gave a sigh and put on a bitter smile.

"Thank you, Tina," Jean said with gratitude in her voice, putting the phone down.

She did not want to take any risks since Avery and Moore tried to speak for her— that didn't really end that well.

Yanni seemed to have learnt the danger so she asked Zed to accompany her to see her boyfriend. This way, Zed would lay down his guard towards her.

Yanni was pretty smart and Jean knew that very well.

With that, Jean couldn't take the risk in getting Tina and Juan involved.

As for tomorrow...

Jean returned to the bedroom and saw Zed step out of the bathroom.

"Why haven't you gone to bed?" There was concern in Zed's voice as he asked Jean, seeing her walk out of the balcony.

"I can't fall asleep." With a slight smile, Jean walked to Zed and took the towel from his hand. With it, she started to gently dry his wet hair.

"Is there anything wrong?" Upon hearing Jean's weary voice, Zed asked with concern at once, "Is it because Yanni..."

"No. It's probably because I drank some chicken soup this morning," Jean explained in haste. She put on a smile as she added, "Zed, Yanni is a smart girl. I'm sure her boyfriend is as outstanding as she is. It should be a special day for them since it's the first time they get to see each other. If you go with Yanni tomorrow, wouldn't you just disturb them and ruin their moment?"

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