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   Chapter 782 She's Here To See Her Boyfriend

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7708

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'Well, if that's true, Jean will not do anything to wrong me or Yanni anymore. We are only friends, ' Zed thought to himself.

"Congratulations, Yanni!" he said as he stretched out his arms to give Yanni a hug.

Yanni smiled at him and accepted his gesture, but as soon as he could no longer see her face, she frowned.

'Oh, Zed. Who knew I just had to make up a little story to let your defenses go down?

Finally, I can have a shot!' Yanni thought.

"Is he in H City? You can ask him out and we can have a dinner together," Zed suggested as he pulled back from Yanni, giving her a wide smile.

Yanni smiled back. "Yeah, that's a good idea. Actually, we had already set up our first date tomorrow. I'm really nervous about it. Can you come with me? You know me. I'm shy..."

Yanni said to Zed in a soft voice, peering under her thick lashes.

At that moment, Zed looked a bit confused at her words. "It's your first date, which means a lot to you two. I think it's a bad idea if I go with you," he said.

"It's not a bad idea at all!" Yanni curled up her lips suggestively. "Although you don't know him yet, he knows everything about you and my relationship with you," she replied with a light laugh.

'And he always thinks that you are my boyfriend," she thought to herself.

Zed paused, deep in thought. "Is he a local?" he finally asked.

"No, he's from the southern area. He will be here tomorrow by plane," Yanni replied. "It's really rare and difficult for us to go on a date like this. Can you please just go with me? I just need you there so I wouldn't be too embarrassed and nervous," she added.

"To be honest, I don't think you're timid and shy at all," Zed said matter-of-factly. He couldn't help but give a bitter smile. "In the past, the army was full of men. You were the only girl there. I have never seen you look rattled ever! But... since I'm really happy for you that you've found your true love, I'll go with you tomorrow!" said Zed.

Although Zed had agreed to accompany her, Yanni wasn't as happy as she expected. There was a strange feeling growing inside her, and she didn't know what it was or why it was there in the first place.

However, she didn't show her true emotions. She just looked at Zed with an even bigger smile.

"It's getti

t's an online romance. They've been talking with each other for two years, but they have never seen each other. It's their first date. Yanni is a little shy and nervous about the date. That's why she asked me to go with her tomorrow!"

he explained excitedly, beaming widely at Jean.

'She is shy and nervous? I don't believe that!' Rolling her eyes, Jean scoffed to herself.

"An online romance?" she asked.

"Well, truthfully speaking, they met on an online academic forum. The man is also an medical expert. He achieved many great accomplishments in the medical industry. That's why Yanni fell in love with him," Zed replied.

Without saying another word, Jean just nodded.

'That sounds reasonable. But I still don't believe that, ' she thought.

After thinking it carefully through, Jean spoke, "Zed, you haven't seen Yanni for many years. And, as you've said, you two have a lot of catching up to do. Shall we put off our trip to Imperial Capital?"

"No, of course no. Besides, I think she'll go back home after she meets with her boyfriend," Zed said with a hesitant look.

"Well, you said that you haven't seen her for three years. We can stay here with her for a few days. It's not a big deal if we postpone our visit to Imperial Capital," Jean insisted.

"Well, if Yanni is not going to leave China, she can go to Imperial Capital with us! It will be an interesting trip," suggested Zed with much enthusiasm.

Jean couldn't help but give a bitter smile when she heard him. 'I knew you would say that!'

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