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   Chapter 781 That Woman Is Not Simple

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11691

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"Did Zed ever mention anything regarding what was going on between them? And what about the other woman, Jesse? Jeez, can you please let me know what is going on?" Avery was extremely alarmed by the potential harm this could cause Jean and sat uneasily in the passenger seat.

"Avery, stop. Take it easy. I know that you care about Jean. I do too. But you need to have a clear mind without any preconceived notions if you want to find out what is really going on amongst those women. Plus, Zed's affection for Jean is a ratified fact. They have been in love for so long. Zed has spared no effort in searching for Jean while she was still in high school. So, please, just calm down. You have to believe that Zed is the only one in the world who has absolutely no intention to harm Jean." Moore tried his best to convince Avery and lessen the hostility in the tense atmosphere that surrounded them.

"What you've just said contains nothing that I haven't already heard of. Moore, can you please tell me quoting exact words about what has he told you? And what is it about that Jesse?" Avery got impatient when Moore kept repeating the facts regarding their relationship over and over again. It was the case related to the two 'intruders' that she was truly concerned about.

"What else could he say? He only promised that no harm would be done to Jean. That's all. As for Jesse, she is a close friend of Zed. They grew up together. It is true that she likes Zed, quite a lot. When she heard about Zed having married Jean, she rushed to the city and nearly got them to break up with each other..."

Moore knew that if he didn't tell Avery about Jesse, she might ask someone else and get all the information nevertheless. It surely wouldn't be so pretty to hear the cataclysmic history from an outsider, so he bitterly spilled it out by himself.

"If that's what happened, then Yanni is actually a 'Jesse 2.0'! Tomato, tomato, they are all the same! Zed has been through it once but why can't he ever learn?" Avery frowned and started doubting whether Zed had been true to Jean all this while.

"Because he only sees them as his friends. They never had a chance to get into his love department. I certainly believe he would never do that to Jean. If you try to analyze this matter carefully and compare these women, you will find out that Zed is actually better at business and numbers rather than women and relationships. I am sure that his IQ is way higher than his EQ. That maybe is the reason why he always trips over these women. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Moore was almost driven crazy by her restless suspicions so he thought of explaining it to her once and for all.

"I understand what you are trying to say. But listen, even if we assume that Zed does have a lower EQ, it does not justify his reckless actions jeopardizing his relationship with Jean. I am really worried about Jean and her baby. If anything unexpected were to happen to her, I don't know how the hell Zed is going to handle it and cope up with it. What he needs to do right now is to act on the situation and nip a big relationship blowout in the bud. I hope he is not going to let anything happen to Jean or else he will spend the rest of his life lamenting." Avery confronted Moore with his own words. She couldn't recall since when did Zed's EQ turn out to be the centre of the discussion.

"Avery, relax. Yanni is different from Jesse. Try not to mix them up. Jesse grew up with Zed but they are

pposed to respond to be frank. Do you mind telling me what is it about this man that won your heart?"

Zed beamed a smile to Yanni and asked with utmost curiosity.

Meanwhile in his heart, he was more relieved than ever. It turned out that everyone was wrong about her intentions.

'Yanni came back only because she is chasing her own love. She must have a lot to confide after all these years apart from us.

Moore and Avery may have been wrong in judging her. Also, my dear Jean.'

The worries he held throughout the night seemed vanish into thin air in his mind. Zed chuckled while staring at her, and then signalled her to continue.

"Okay. This was how it all started. It was such a cliche that we actually met on one of the world's top medical forums. We held different opinions on one of the academic research topics and couldn't stop arguing with each other. We were both trying to prove our own theory right and nearly fought with each other behind our computer screens. It finally turned out that both of our approaches got accepted by the medical school that was holding the discussion. More surprisingly, the research came out with a huge discovery, all because of our persistence and informative arguments. Then, as you can guess, we valued each other greatly and became good friends after the whole incident... "

Yanni curled her lips even more after explaining the 'How' and 'What' of this mysterious man she had fallen for. She lowered her face as it reddened all over, blushing.

The image started to unfold inside Zed's head. He could picture how these two top researchers in the medical field had discussed intensely to come up with a conclusion of a study. It was indeed 'birds of the same feather flock stuck together'. This must be them! This was how they should've gotten to know each other and now, maybe slowly stepping towards a more intimate relationship.

Zed felt extremely happy for her after she disclosed their story.

Only he knew that Kenneth never stopped his concerns for his beloved Yanni even during his last minute.

Therefore, when Zed heard that she had been alone ever since Kenneth's death, he too was worried about her. He hadn't shared this worry with anyone, not even Jean.

Now, love had finally found her.

How could Zed not be happy for her? How couldn't he?

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