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   Chapter 780 She Is Too Cunning

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7712

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"Zed…" With wide-open eyes, Moore looked at Zed with astonishment. He hadn't expected Zed to trust him so much.

"But you should know that I can't do anything rash, due to my past experience with Yanni… Even if she has an ulterior motive or an illicit desire, I will not blame her. I owe her tremendously, so much that I don't think I'd ever be able to pay her back my entire life. But what I have to do at all costs is not give her a chance to split me and Jean," said Zed firmly.

Moore exhaled a small sigh of relief. On hearing Zed express his concern for Jean, Moore smiled.

In a reassuring tone, he said to Zed, "If you've already got a plan to stop Yanni from wrecking your marriage, then I will not worry about you and Jean. Zed, be more attentive to Jean's feelings. Just don't talk with Yanni too much. You don't know how sad and lonely Jean just looked at the dinner table."

"Don't worry, Moore. I'll fix it," Zed nodded and said. "I know what I should do now."

Moore smiled again at Zed, confident that their plan would work.

They walked into the living room and saw how all the three women looked awful, especially Avery, whose face was as white as a sheet. When she saw Zed, she glared at him with resentment.

Zed knew why Avery looked at him that way and smiled wryly to hide his embarassment. He walked towards Jean and stood by her side, then asked with concern, "What is going on?"

Jean raised her head to look at Zed woefully. She felt so powerless in her heart that there was a loss of words.

By now, she had realized that Yanni was far too cunning and artful than she had expected.

She had obviously underestimated her earlier.

She shook her head at Zed as a reply. His caring tone pricked her with a bitterness that she couldn't express.

In all their time together, whenever a woman had showed up to claim Zed, to Jean, they all looked a better match for Zed than she did.

But without a doubt, Yanni was the most excellent among these women. And now Jean realized that Yanni was also the most cunning one.

Jesse had almost ruined her marriage with Zed.

But she was nothing compared to Yanni. What plan did Yanni have up her sleeve?

Could Jean stand up to Yanni's scheming?

It hurt Zed to see Jean look so downcast and flustered.

As their friends, I have done what could be done.

If I attack Yanni in Zed's face, it will only make it more disadvantageous for Jean.

I just hope that Moore has already made Zed realize the seriousness of the matter when they had a long talk just now.'

Avery glared at Yanni with fury and walked towards Jean to warmly say, "Jean, we have already had dinner here. So we have to leave now. Take care of yourself. If you have any problem, feel free to call me at any time."

"Okay, thank you." Jean understood Avery's intentions and nodded to her.

In fact, she had already made up her mind.

She thought she was too rash to ask Moore and Avery to come here today. It was stupid to let them witness this scene.

From now on, she wouldn't let them get involved in this matter and should never get them worried about this.

With Zed on her side, no one could sabotage their relationship.

"Then we will go now," Moore said goodbye to Zed too.

"Okay, see you," Zed nodded at them.

Moore gazed long at Jean to judge her feelings. Then, resigned to fate, he followed Avery out of the house.

After they were outside, Avery asked in haste, "How did your talk with Zed go? Do your words have no effect on Zed at all? Why did Zed say those words when that woman said that she was leaving? It really pissed me off."

"What could Zed say in that kind of situation?" Moore shook his head and said, "We can only admire Yanni's intelligence. She was able to make Zed ask her to stay by creating such circumstances."

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