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   Chapter 779 Trust Me, Okay

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6743

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At times, Yanni seemed like she wanted to eat them alive. By the passage of a single moment, she pretended to be pitiful. What was she up to?

Jean suddenly thought of something and shuddered in fear. She looked at Yanni, intrigued and disgusted.

Was Zed and Moore watching them from upstairs?

Yanni must have guessed that and that was why she was pretending in order to gain Zed's sympathy.

If that was true, was her conversation with Avery eavesdropped by Zed?

Jean panicked from head to toe at the mere thought of it.

Yanni was such a despicable woman that she had set them up deliberately.

"Don't play dirty with me. It's useless. No matter how you try to prove your innocence, it won't help because we have already seen your true colors. Yanni, I suggest that you give up on Zed gracefully. No matter what you do, Zed won't fall in love with you,"

Avery said, the rage inside her fuming.

"What should I do to let you trust me?" cried Yanni, who was about to shed crocodile tears. Her pitiful look seemed adorable.

"What happened?" shouted Zed, whose face seemed visibly furious. Then he turned to Moore and questioned him, "Moore, look at it. It's Jean and Avery who are ganging up and bullying Yanni, not the opposite. Now, will you still speak up for Jean and Avery?"

Moore didn't believe it, because he knew that Yanni was obviously acting.

Did she figure out something?

If she did, then she was way too smart!

Moore panicked a little and took a deep breath before he turned to the furious Zed and said, "Zed, among these three women downstairs, you know two of them very well. What kind of person is Jean? You are aware of it more than I do. Is she a bully? No. That Yanni, she left within me an impression of a tough woman, not a soft one. Now, what just happened? Let me tell you. She was putting up a show, for us to watch!"

"Jean herself doesn't know that there is a camera in the living room. How would Yanni know?" Zed hummed coldly.

"Don't you sa

didn't have what it takes, she wouldn't have achieved her fame and high status just by Adolf's protection. You underestimate your girlfriend."

Moore's face turned red by Zed's words, and he laughed at himself. "Yes, I may not know Avery very well. But, Yanni is a tough character. She was confident enough to ignore us on the table."

"Do you feel unbalanced? Moore, you are just defending Jean. This is your problem." Zed stopped moving abruptly and quickly exchanged anxious glances with Moore.

"I admit that I am defending Jean, but I was invited by Avery to talk to you and convince you. Zed, you don't have to believe me, but at least you should believe Avery. You just said if she didn't have the ability, she wouldn't have survived the entertainment industry. So, on this matter, I hold the same opinion as Avery. Hence, you should trust me too!"

Moore looked at Zed uneasily.

"I believe every word you just said. Moore, you are one of the few persons in the world who genuinely care about Jean. If you'd have behaved selfishly and taken a by-stander's position on this matter, you would indeed have benefitted. But you didn't. Instead, you chose to take a decisive action and come here to warn me. To be honest, I am quite touched. I don't have any evidence right now, but I believe every word you just said no matter what."

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