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   Chapter 778 We Are Just Friends

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8192

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"Yanni? What's the matter with her?" Zed frowned and asked in a puzzled tone.

Moore was anything but a nosy person. Why did he begin to meddle in other people's business today?

Zed was both surprised and intrigued.

"Haven't you detected the problems by yourself yet?" Moore stared at Zed and he appeared to be visibly displeased. "Ever since your returned, that woman has been sticking around you all the time and sucking up all your attention single-handedly. There is no place for Jean around you anymore when she's around. Zed, I know the depth of your love to Jean and I know you'll try to justify yourself by claiming that you've never been unfaithful to Jean. You surely do have a clear and pure conscience.

However, you have to understand that Jean is going through a special and difficult period. Hence, she tends to have emotional fluctuations and mood swings. Even though she fathoms that the love between you is strong enough to sustain any challenges, she does still feel upset when you make her feel as though she has got a competition. And aren't you at the least concerned that her emotions would have an adverse impact on her health as well as on the baby?"

Moore looked firmly at Zed and said.

"Moore, I know you asked me out to say this because you care about me and Jean, but I don't think things have descended to the extent that you assume. Yanni and I are just friends. We don't have anything romantic going on between us. I believe Jean does understand that too…"

he explained, somewhat amused.

"That is what you think, but can you guarantee that Yanni thinks the same way as you do? If she carries no hidden agenda inside, why is she trying so hard to keep your attention on her so that you ignore me, Avery and Jean? Do we still exist in front of her eyes?"

Moore asked Zed, plainly.

Zed seemed to rethink a set of events before he arrived at the conclusion that Moore was indeed right.

But soon, he laughed it off and responded, "That is just because Yanni and I haven't seen each other for a long time. We have a lot to catch up on. Nothing more. Moore, you are clearly overreacting. Jean and I have been through so many difficult experiences and you know that the bond between us is stronger than ever. You are very well aware that I can never fall in love with another woman. If I did, that would give you opportunities to pursue Jean, wouldn't it? You are the biggest threat to me. Do yo

ally impressed. However, whatever you display in front of Zed and whatever ambition you have, you won't achieve your ill-gotten intentions, Yanni,"

Avery ridiculed her.

Yanni was just about to argue back but she suddenly frowned and gave an inconspicuous glance at the ceiling in the right corner.

As she had expected, there was a mini camera installed there. It was so small that without careful observation, one wouldn't spot it easily.

'So that man took Zed away so that Jean and this Vikki woman could confront me in order to let out my true self before Zed?

I won't let them win so easily.

This simple trick won't fool me.

The time I spent in the army wasn't a waste of time. I did gain a lot of valuable experience from there.'

Yanni sneered on the inside, put on a pitiful look immediately and looked at Avery. "Vikki, you are a super star. The people around you are all noble. Of course you don't think so highly of me. But did I do anything wrong to offend you? Why do you hold such extreme disgust for me and reject me mercilessly? If you could just tell me what's wrong, I will amend it…"

After saying that, she turned to Jean with reddened eyes and tears rolling down her cheeks. "Jean, Zed and I are just friends. We haven't seen each other for many years and we spent a little too much time catching up. I can swear that we are innocent. We don't have the relationship you conjecture."

Jean was dumbstruck by the abrupt change in Yanni's attitude. She exchanged a dumbfounded glance at Avery and they both shook their heads in absolute bewilderment.

'Has Yanni gone out of her mind?'

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