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   Chapter 776 I’m Done With You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7963

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"How can you get bored?" Avery took a look at Yanni, who wasn't standing very far away, and then added, "How is that possible? You have her!"

"Save it," Jean snapped. She sighed and continued, "Zed is so popular with ladies, you know. If you truly are my friend you should try to keep him away from them. I'm done fighting against them!

You haven't had any TV series to shoot lately, have you? It's a great chance for you to practice your acting skills. Besides, you are particularly good at doing fighting scenes right?"

"Jean..." Avery burst into laughter, looking at Jean's upset face with a childish frown on it, as if someone had taken her toy. Getting a hold of herself, she continued, "It seems like you really have no other way, or you wouldn't have turned to me.

Is she that hard to deal with?"

Jean nodded her head firmly, her face resentful. She added to her complaints about Yanni by saying, "No matter what I say or how hard I try to humiliate her, she just doesn't give a reaction. It seems like she is determined to stay here forever!"

"No way! She also looked pretty arrogant in the office before,"

Moore interrupted Jean.

"Hey, when did you meet her?"

Avery asked, surprised. The very mention of Yanni in relation with Moore scared her after whatever Jean had told them.

"I saw her when she arrived at the office from the airport. And then when she left with Jean,"

Moore explained, as a matter of fact.

"Oh God, I can't believe she came looking for Zed the moment she got off the plane! Jean, you need to be careful with her," Avery said, sighing.

Jean clicked her tongue in frustration and went on, "There's no use being careful! I'm telling you, she's indifferent to all the things I say to provoke her! I have tried everything I can. All efforts have been in vain. It's like there's no escaping her."

Jean looked genuinely upset. She really was out of all methods to fight actively against Yanni.

This was where Avery came into picture.

Jean was aware of how easily her personal life could become public and eventually even a joke if she kept trying to shoo off Yanni.

After all, who wanted to wash their dirty linen in public? She needed external help!

"Does Zed know?" Avery looked in Zed and Yanni's direction. He had just walked into the villa with Yanni.

Avery was stunned. How could Zed be so naiv


Why hadn't Zed learned from that? How could he allow Yanni to live with them?

How didn't it occur to him that Jean might be displeased with that?

Or suddenly, he cared much more about Yanni than about Jean? And was Yanni more special than Jesse in Zed's eyes?

Moore was lost in thought, as he stepped into the dining room. Zed had just sat down when he saw them come. As soon as he spotted them, he almost jumped and got up, asking them to sit. "Dinner will be ready in just a minute,"

Zed said politely as he opened a bottle of wine and poured a wholesome amount in everyone's glasses.

Soon, Zelda and another housemaid started serving the dishes.

Yanni sat in the chair next to Zed, in front of Jean. Even her reaction to the dishes was exaggerated.

She kept giggling and talking to Zed, completely sidelining everyone else. She raised her glass to him and kept staring into his eyes as she sipped from it.

It seemed she hadn't the audacity to include the others.

Jean was surprisingly at peace. This didn't seem strange to her because she was already used to Yanni's ill-mannered nature.

Avery, though, was pissed. This was the first time she was encountering Yanni in person. It made her terribly angry to see Jean ignored like that. She shot a sharp look at Zed and said in a cunning tone, "Zed, you haven't introduced us to your respected guest yet."

Avery laid special emphasis on the word "respected".

It was so deliberate even Yanni couldn't ignore it. Suddenly, her smile disappeared as she turned to Avery, glaring at her face.

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