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   Chapter 775 Shameless Woman

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 12255

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Jean looked at Zelda with a serious face and sighed under her breath. She then opened her mouth to explain. "Zelda, please stop making wild guesses or even tell Mother what you think and feel. The truth is far from what you think. Besides, as long as she still stays in our house, we have to keep our respect and hospitality for she is still our guest. I know you are a smart woman, Zelda, so you should be aware about what you should say and what you shouldn't. I also know that you did it because you're afraid that Yanni would keep bullying me, but you have to rest assured. This is my place, and I will never let others run wild inside my house, guest or not. So, let me handle this situation by myself, okay? Will you trust me?"

With a pleading face, Jean reached her hand out to hold onto Zelda's hand.

Zelda's eyes turned red as she felt her tears brimming the corners of her eyes. She sniffed and nodded. "Mrs. Jean, I want you to know that I don't really like to be nosy. It wasn't really my intention. However, in the past, I could see how Jesse had been making efforts just to break the relationship that you have with Mr. Zed while she lived under this roof. At that time, I was really anxious seeing your relationship almost crumbling by the fights that Jesse had deliberately caused. To be honest, I still feel regret for not having told the truth to either Mrs. Jade or Mr. Zed. Now, this lady Yanni came, and this time, she has gone too far. Mrs. Jean, I feel sorry for how she treats you, and honestly, I am already happy by how your relationship with Zed turned out, so I don't want to see this destroyed by another woman. Nevertheless, I am relieved to see the confidence in you to handle this yourself. I know you are strong, Mrs. Jean, but all my support is still here for you whenever you need them."

Jean's heart warmed inside her. "Thank you so much, Zelda." She then immediately reached her arms out to embrace Zelda. She noticed how thin Zelda was, but she felt Zelda's heart and care for her bigger than her own physique, and indeed, she felt thankful for having someone care for her like this.

Zelda reached out her hand and patted Jean's back. "Mrs. Jean, you are carrying another life inside of you, so I don't want to see you harmed in any way. Now, if you come across a problem you can't handle by yourself, please tell Mr. Zed. Let him know about it, and let him handle it not just for you but also for your baby."

"It's okay, Zelda. There's nothing to worry about. Rest assured, I won't let myself suffer from any injustice or any potential danger, so don't worry too much about me, okay?" As they pulled away, Jean gave Zelda a reassuring smile.

Hearing this, Zelda felt the confidence and strength in Jean, making her more relieved than before. She returned a sweet smile to Jean and said, "Oh my, it has been more than three months in your pregnancy already, but I haven't seen you gain weight yet, and even your stomach seemed small still. A while ago, I specially went to the market to buy the ingredients for your favorite food. Let me go to the kitchen to prepare the dinner now."

Without waiting for Jean to respond, Zelda hurriedly went to the kitchen to start her preparations.

As Jean watched Zelda's back move swiftly, the smile on her face slowly started to fade away. When Zelda was out of sight, Jean heaved out a helpless sigh and walked towards the living room.

'Time flies by so fast. I didn't notice that it's almost dinner time, which means Zed will be home from work soon.

I wonder what that shameless woman had in store for today, ' Jean thought.

Previously, Jean didn't have the slighte

nity and shame at all.

However, if this was Jesse, she would've already been annoyed and would have taken her emotions at Jean already.

But Yanni wasn't Jesse. Jean's trick wasn't effective on Yanni. Her words seemed innocuous in front of Yanni.

Yanni's reactions and consistent shamelessness suddenly gave Jean no interest in continuing to argue and refute with her.

Then again, Jean wasn't that easy to be bullied by others, and it still needed the cooperation of the opponent to prove this.

Jean couldn't help but admit that this sense of indignity made Yanni a tough woman, because now, she felt very overwhelmed by Yanni's indifference.

Jean's train of thought was interrupted by a sudden loud car horn just outside the house.

Before Jean could even realize that it was Zed who just came home, Yanni already sprang up excitedly from the sofa and ran out of the house with a blink of an eye.

Jean's eyes widened by how quickly the seat in front of her was emptied. She blinked fast and said nothing but heaved out a helpless sigh again.

She got up slowly and carefully walked out. If Moore and Avery weren't coming today, she really would have stayed in her seat and didn't want to go out in such a hurry. She didn't want Yanni to think that she was competing with her, because deep inside, Jean knew there was no competition, and that Yanni's efforts were futile.

As soon as she got out of the main door, she saw Yanni standing beside Zed. They were laughing and talking as they walked towards her direction.

She removed her gaze from them and turned her attention towards Moore, who was opening the door for Avery considerately. As soon as Avery got out of the car and saw Jean, she gave out a bright smile and waved happily.

Seeing that reaction, Jean immediately felt happy again and hurriedly walked towards them with a sweet smile on her face.

When Jean passed by Zed and Yanni, Yanni suddenly grabbed Zed's arm and asked, "Zed, we haven't trained for a long time now. Why don't we play three rounds tonight?"

Hearing that, Jean took this as her cue to keep walking towards Avery and Moore. She wasn't in the mood to know what Zed's response to that was.

As they met halfway, Jean immediately hugged Avery and said happily, "Oh Avery, Moore has been so busy with his work recently, so why don't you accompany me? Let's catch up on things. Staying at home alone made me feel so bored already."

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