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   Chapter 773 You Are Not Stupid

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8551

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Yanni was worried about Jean's driving skills probably because she knew Jean had hit Moore.

"Well, you are not stupid," said Yanni. After she spat those words, Yanni ignored Jean and walked into the house.

Before leaving, she looked at Jean with disdain. According to her actions, it seemed like she was the true hostess here.

Jean's face turned red with fury. She didn't expect Yanni would exert her right over someone else's husband. On the other hand, she was surprised to see how smartly Yanni turned from a guest to a hostess.

However, Jean could do nothing in spite of Yanni's shameless act. She shrugged her shoulders and heaved a deep sigh. With nothing to do, her mind started to think of ways to deal with this problem.

Until now, she didn't think there would be another person who was more difficult to deal with than Jesse.

Jesse pretended to be a nice person in front of Jean. But behind her back, she tried to frame her.

However, Yanni was totally different. She didn't conceal anything from Jean. It was only in front of Zed that Yanni tried to pretend. Apart from that, she had no fear in showing her true color.

There was something fearless about Yanni. She rubbed her ambitions and goals on Jean's face.

'Wow, she indeed is a strong enemy.

What will Zed do? Will he tolerate and trust Yanni like he did with Jesse?

My god! I really don't want to see that drama repeat again. Why can't we have a peaceful life?' Jean thought helplessly.

Lost in worries, Jean couldn't think of a way to figure this out.

Finally a realization popped into her head. All of a sudden, Jean became excited and happy. 'I am pregnant now. I am not alone this time.

Zed didn't believe that Yanni is trying to seduce him, but...'

Jean smiled as she thought about this plan. She turned back and went inside slowly.

Once she reached inside, Zelda walked towards her with an anxious look on her face. "Mrs. Jean, thank god, you are back. A woman told me that she is Mr. Qi's friend and she is going to stay here. What's going on?" she asked.

Usually, Mr. Qi would send the guest into home by himself but this seemed weird. Zelda didn't know what to do.

The sudden arrival of a gorgeous woman stunned Zelda. To make this worse, she told her that she would be here for a few days.

Moreover, she didn't sound like a guest. In fact, everything about her manner seemed like a hostess.

"Never mind. Please clean up a guest room for her," said Jean in an indifferent tone. Seeing Zedla's astonishment, she

Deep inside, she admired Jean's courage and determination.

However, Yanni was a competitive woman and Tina knew that.

As a result, she was really worried about Jean.

"Tina, I can do this! You need to have faith in me," said Jean. After taking a brief pause, Jean said, "Just tell me everything you know about Yanni. I know nothing about her. I only know that she has a PhD and aims to destroy my marriage. There is one thing that I am really curious about..."

All of a sudden, she frowned as she thought of something.

"What is it, Jean?" Tina asked curiously.

"When I asked Yanni whether she has a boyfriend, her face completely changed. Moreover, I noticed a sudden change on Zed's face as well. What happened? Is there a story behind this? Is it supposed to be a forbidden question? Why can't I casually ask her about it?" Jean asked in curiosity.

"Jean, I would have told you about it even if you hadn't asked. To be honest, that's the only thing I know quite well," said Tina. After a short pause, she heaved a deep sigh and replied in a serious tone, "Yanni had a boyfriend before. His name was Kenneth and he was a good friend of Juan. Juan and Kenneth joined the army together. Later, Yanni was hired as the medical officer in the place where Kenneth worked.

They both met and fell deeply in love with each other. Everyone around admired them hence they had everybody's blessing. In short, they were the sort of pair that everyone loved. However, a tragedy happened which changed her life. Kenneth died while he tried to save Zed's life during a mission. As a result, Zed and Juan felt really guilty. They all tried to make up to Yanni. They knew Kenneth was her life."

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